Gardening isn’t shut down, but


My local garden centers allow me to pick items over the telephone and they load the items into my car at the curb. This is legally allowed in an area that has been ordered to shut down. Obviously I lose the ability to select plants myself, but this can potentially reduce rate of transmission and still keep businesses open. In Los Angeles area, nurseries/garden centers that incorporate this practice are actually booming. People have more time at home to do gardening, so they are ordering a lot via telephone and picking up curbside.


None of that has been implemented in KY yet, as gardening is considered as essential as groceries.

But, I got notices by email yesterday that BB Barnes in Asheville NC and Briar Rose Nursery in Ohio are only doing the curbside pickup thing.

When it’s all said and done, a lot of little shops will end up bankrupt…and the big ones will get government help. As usual. But the resourceful will find a way to garden.