General Location Map of members


Thanks for doing this. Great idea!

I was going to ask Scott if there was a way to include locations or zones or both in our screen names, or in our profiles. That’s probably been discussed before and probably not feasible, but in case it hasn’t, I’d find something like that useful!!




I’m on it


I’m in…

And a bird’s eye view of the orchard to boot. (No too good a photo)



I edited mine division and not sure if it will save.



Tony are you the one that’s says point 38?

What is the players club that’s showing up in Omaha?



Not sure what the point 38 is. I may added by accident, The Players club is a golf club house. One of the big private golf course in Omaha with a 36 holes. I lived about 3 blocks from the club house.



Took me a few minutes, but I’m up.


Oh ok. Do you want me change the name from players club to your screen Name?






Anyone know if we have any international folks here?


Yes. We do.


I’ve added my location. Feel free to zoom in to have a look :slightly_smiling:

Thanks for the idea @thecityman and thanks @speedster1 for setting up the map. Very cool!


I’ve been waiting on you Rob…I was all by myself, now there are at least 2 of us in the area!


I just discovered a downside to this kind of map. I opened the map on my iPad and was using pinch to zoom and ended up moving two members markers instead of zooming. It is unfortunately too easy to make edits and once I moved the points there was no option to undo the move. I put the two markers back in there general location but I know they aren’t exact.

The 2 markers I inadvertently moved was @MES111 and @hambone. So you guys might want to recheck the position and correct if necessary. Sorry about that.

Bottom line, if you are in editing mode and on a tablet be careful about zooming in.


Hey, Dave. For some unfortunate reason I cannot see the map in the post. And I do not want to make an account on Google. Could you add my location to the map? I am in Omaha, NE.



Maria, if you can’t see it for some reason then you’ll just have to take my word for it, but I went ahead and put an “Anymary” pin for you in Omaha. I guess you know there is another user there (@tonyOmahaz5). Fortunately it didn’t put them on top of each other and you can see you both.

@speedster1 - I haven’t said thanks to you for your work on this. Ideas are easy- implementation is that hard part and I appreciate your efforts on short notice. I noticed what you did about it being easy to move other peoples pins. Another thing that worries me is that its so easy to delete anyone’s pin. I fear its a matter of time before some idiot starts messing with peoples entries. But of course these are google issues, not yours. You’ve already invited others to come up with a better system-if they do then great, if they don’t then yours is 1000 times better than none. Everyone seems to be enjoying seeing where each other are. Thanks.


I’m the orange rays behind the One Green World diamond.


Thank you, Kevin!


I’m on the map. Thanks to @thecityman and @speedster1. It probably is only a matter of time before someone screws something up. However, backup copies of the map should be fairly easy to maintain. If/when someone messes the map up, just delete it and put the backup in its place.