General Location Map of members

(This is the old member locations map; here is the new map)

@thecityman had a wonderful idea to create an interactive map that would allow us to show our general location. I’m not trying to step on anyone’s toes or steal an idea, but just wanted to make an effort to see what I could offer. I’m not an expert and there are probably far more eloquent solutions but I decided to try using google maps to accomplish this task.

I’ve created a map below that should give everyone the ability to drop a marker or pin on their general location. I started with my location and also added a few common nurseries for reference.

To browse the member locations map, click on the link below.

To insert your location, PM @speedster1 with the location where you want yourself to be added.

Direct link: Google Map of Growingfruit Members


How do you make it work?

Are you putting down an address or just the city?

I think city is enough detail if this is available to all. Up to the individual though…

Here’s how I did it:
1.) Click the “link to edit”
2.) Search for an address (such as a city,st).
3.) Click the “+add to map”
4.) Click the pencil to edit the name (same icon used to edit posts here)

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I just put my city although you can zoom the map put your mark on your exact location. Worked just like Bob said, Thanks.

I am on it

I don’t see how you search for an address, in order to add it to the map.

Not easy to work with, but I was able to figure it out.

I added my general location as “Frederick County, Maryland.”

Did not work on my iPhone. I had to use my wife’s desktop computer. I had to sign in using her Google account (I didn’t have a Google account).

I also added White Oak Nursery to the map, along with their address and phone number. To do so, I had to temporarily switch off the Members data layer so I could add an item to the Nursery data layer. It appears that if one user is edting the map, then the system is temporarily muddled for others until they finish their work and switch on both data layers (and then sign out of their Google account).

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Thanks to you both Cityman and Speedster! Added my star. Now we know at a glance what each other’s weather will be like, with far more accuracy.

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Got it to work with an Android tablet. It may be a little different from a phone or desktop.
When the map link is selected the map is loaded and their is a search bar on the map.
Enter your town or county into the search bar and then a box should appear with the option to add that info to the map. Done.

That seems to be the case but I’m not sure why. I have the map setting “Allow users to edit map without being signed in” set to on. Does seem to matter though. I know a lot of people have google accounts for either gmail or android but it would be nice if the login wasn’t required.

Pretty neat that we can start to see where everyone is in relation to each other even though there is only 20 users so far.

Yah lets go Michigan , my single marker looks lonely there all by its self ! :disappointed:

I’m glad everyone liked the idea. The distribution is already interesting, Its fun seeing where everyone is, knowing who is getting similar weather, and so on. In a perfect world maybe Scott can find a way to have new members enter their location and then automatically have them appear on this or some other map. I tend to agree with Bob that just the city is probably best…we don’t want to create a map that fruit thieves to use as a shopping list to find the nearest orchard to pillage! haha. Don’t laugh…if a guy in Spain would go to the length he has gone thru just to get a few twigs, I’m sure there are people who would drive a few miles at night to steal some fruit! (or even scion) :frowning:


Doesn’t work on my computer and I don’t care to have a google account.

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My name is obscured by the One Green World circle :slightly_smiling:

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I hear you. I don’t like to have a lot of account either but in my case I already have one for my android phone. If you want to participate just PM me your town town or coordinate and I can easily add your name to the list.


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How about adding Just Fruits and Exotics?

I took care of it Diane. Do you want me to add a location for you?

We’ve gotten a couple of points that aren’t descriptive like “Point 18”. Whomever put that point feel free to edit your name. Otherwise I should probably just remove it…

Well it took me a few minutes to figure it out, even with the excellent directions above. I’m on it.