General Location Map of members


Thanks Haldog you are right, there is certainly potential for someone to flub the map up. I created a backup and I’ll get into the habit of creating regular backups until things die down with it. We are up to 53 people so far!

When the map slows down and people are being added more slowly maybe I’ll just close the edit link and anyone that wants on it can PM me their location and I can add it manually.


Added mine.


:grinning: I’m in!



I fixed my location. No problem.

Just deleted it from where it was and set it up again easy!!!



Just want to mention again, when clicking the “pointer” and putting the name of the nearest city for your location, you have to “edit” the star, and type your Growingfruit name. To put your Growingfruit name in, click on the star, when the box pops up, click on the “pen”, remove the city at the top of the box and type your Growingfruit name in. If you don’t edit the star after typing your city, the star just shows the city.

I noticed there are a few stars on the map, which just mark cities, no Growingfruit name associated w/ it (i.e. Warrensburg MO, Oswego IL)


I’m the Warrensburg Missouri star. I couldn’t figure it out on my phone, maybe I will sit down tonight and try to edit it.


Borer I took care of it.

On another note, looks like we have our first international signup. Slovenia!


Thanks man!


Only okie so far.


@RobThomas well, this is really embarrassing and I’m sorry my friend, but I was trying to zoom in and see if I could get an aerial view of your orchard and I accidentally grabbed your pin and moved it. Since I have no idea exactly where it was, I’m afraid you’ll need to go fix it. I’m really sorry about that…in the meantime I tried to put it as close as possible. You’d think I’d have learned when @speedster1 ’ s did the same thing! Boy…its frustrating how easy it is to do. Sorry, “neighbor”. I promise not to wreck anyone else’s pin!


Kevin I can move it from the backup when I get to a pc. I just have cell phone access right now. I think I’m going to update the original thread later today to consolidate the tips we’ve learned over the last couple days. I think one of the best rules of thumb is to only use the edit link when you initially place your marker. After that you can always browse the map in regular mode which will prevent accidental edits. You can access the regular map by clicking the map above the edit link.


Although I did not originally intend to misplace my star it is within a few miles from being correct. I’m assuming that none forum members also have access to the map and it might be a better option to always put the star in a reasonably close location but not the exact spot. I also like to zoom in and see an actual picture of the area but security in my option should come first. With that being said I really like the map. I just need to get a few more of my locals to add their star. Bill


Well, I tried to move my balloon and now I have two.


Bill, all forum members have access to editing the map as long as they are logged into google. Some people have chosen to show their exact location while other have chosen their general vacinity. It’s a personal preference. I chose to show my location at the city level hence the reason I named the thread general location. Where ever you want to out it is up to you.


I can fix it for you Johnny. Which one do you want to keep. The point in the lake or the other one?


I want to keep the one on the left away from the lake, thanks.


I’m in…I used the map and I think the star is sitting on my kitchen table! Cool idea!


I have been slowly chipping away at adding an extension to do this. Its the one thing GW had that was nice that is not here. I found out it is not going to be all that hard to do given how they have the software designed, so it should be up eventually.

The map looks cool! I’m on it now. It probably won’t survive forever though because one disgruntled person can move everyone all around etc. It wouldn’t be hard to build in to the site as another plug-in so the map would contain only authenticated members at their noted location. I probably won’t have time to do it myself though. Any Rails/Ember experts out there?


There are 71 members on the map at this point. How many members do we have here Scott? I was thinking there were around 500 members but probably a much smaller portion of them being active. I’ve been backing up the map but at some point it may be wise to turn off open editing and add member locations by request or by extracting it from profile info.

Even at this point it’s quite interesting to look at the broad map on a full screen large monitor. There was some original east coast bias but the plains and corn belt has started to fill in quite a bit. Also looks like fruit nut needs some neighbors. Lol


There are almost 500 members, but only 20% or so visit on a given day. Probably 1/2 of the people visiting since your post added themselves.

Good idea to back it up, that could keep it from getting too messed up.