General Location Map of members


Kevin, Rob’s marker has been reset to it’s original location.

Looks like we picked up our second international user.


Thanks, Dave. I hated having to confess that but it was only right. Also, I didn’t understand until today that users can access the map without being in edit mode and that makes it impossible to accidentally move a pin. I hope more people will come to understand that. Overall, though, it seems this whole idea (and more importantly your implementation of it) has been a big hit with everyone. In a perfect would we could have it so each new user who signs up lists his location (at least by town) and the site could automatically generate a star on the map. But no matter what else gets invented, your work to date has been a wonderful addition to this site and I think lots of us enjoy and appreciate it.

I, for one, find the results very interesting already. Only one person within hundreds of miles of me. Even more interesting is how concentrated our users are up in the northeast. I understand that populations in general are higher there, but not to the extent of what our map results are. There are other concentrated population areas, some with even better fruit growing climates, that don’t have many stars. California is one. I expected a lot more there. Anyway- its very nice knowing where everyone is at a glance.


Yep, that’s absolutely how it works. Just click the big map instead of the edit link.

Seeing the results on a map are certainly interesting. Without a map it’s really hard to remember where everyone is from aside from maybe a dozen people here that everyone seems to know. Very surprised that no one from Florida has checked in so far.


@thecityman No problem! I couldn’t get the pin to move, so I just deleted it and reset it. You can try zooming in again to see exactly where I am :slight_smile:


It is so amazing that we have so many members in CA and not many have stars on the map. Where are you guys?


They’re probably out enjoying the nice weather in their gardens. :unamused:


Good point, but you didn’t have to be in CA this weekend to enjoy good weather. Believe it or not, right here in mid-February we were in the 70’s all weekend! That’s just incredible for the KY/TN area! (PLEASE don’t open the global warming debate here! :slight_smile: )


We also had great weather in central Alabama. I sacrificed an afternoon of orchard play for a few hours of tennis with some of my friends. Bill


We hit 61 and had motorcycles and convertibles flying around the roads up here in Michigan.


Added my plot with a link to my super fancy plot on the register:


We made it to about 40 up here . Still lots of snow on the ground but some did melt. They are forecasting a big snowstorm that for now is supposed to go just north of you and just south of me .But the National Weather Service is wrong more than right so one of us will probably get hit by it ! I did see that someone was tapping maple trees in Gladwin!


They are forecasting 6 - 10" of snow starting Wednesday afternoon through Thursday. This morning they said 1 to 3" but it’s been upgraded so it must be coming more south.


Yah just seen they have issued a winter storm watch for your area on the TV !


Neat idea. First Canadian on the map! I can’t be the only one though. Curious how growing is going for the poor guy in the North Atlantic?


Wow. We have big clusters of members on the eastern seaboard!


Wish you could move and join us!

Introducing myself to Scott's forum

Finally made it. I am all alone here in my area. :frowning: What a bummer!


Thanks MrsG for the invite. I love to but it takes more than just “move”. Actually it would be very cool to stroll down the street after dinner to visit fellow member’s garden on a warm summer evening. There would be talks of garden subjects like veggie, fruit trees, disease controls, chemical spray regiments, etc.

And trading scions would be a breeze…

The cabin fever is almost over, MrsG!



Just wanted to bump the thread to the top and make sure some of the new members see it. There are currently 86 member locations shown on the map with a very interesting distribution.

I think we are pushing 20 nurseries as well. Can you think of any other features or locations that could be helpful to keep track of. I was thinking about U-Pick style orchards or scions swaps. What do you think?


I think listing orchards (that sell their own produce onsite) is a good idea.