General Location Map of members


This is a amazing map. I put my mark right on top of my house. You can see me in the driveway looking up and waving! (No not really).


I can set that up Matt. That would go hand in hand with a U-Pick orchard.


You can see me in my pool in an inner tube. That was when my back was so bad I was dangling my legs putting it in traction.


wow…no one else in Florida??


Anybody with my address can see me on my front lawn. I was there when the Google truck was driving by for their street view pictures. What are of the odds of that?


Wow, you should have bought a power ball ticket!


The manager at work today showed me a street view picture of him outside in his cul-de-sac,but his truck was missing from the driveway and he’s not sure why.He is driving it presently. Brady


BUMP this


I’ve not looked at the map in a while. It’s filled in nicely. Somewhat surprised at the lack of people in the central to southern Rocky Mountains. No one has checked in from New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, or Wyoming. I would think that fruit growing conditions would be quite good in a large portion of that area.


I only discovered this map today. I tried to put in my location, but it keeps calling me Point 99, even after I tried to edit it. For some reason, the older posts don’t come up, unless I hit search. It would be nice to see the zones with each post, also. I look at this site nearly daily, but still haven’t mastered how to use it. Have learned a lot from this site. Thanks.


Northwoods, I’m sure @speedster1 would be happy to change point 99 to your ID, or explain to you how to do it. If you have any other questions about how to use features on the forum, just send me a PM and I’ll walk you through. If I don’t know the answers, I’ll do my best to find them for you.


I just went there to change it and it looks like it’s now correct. Maybe someone else changed it


It says point 99 when I looked.


Sorry, think it’s fixed now. Looks like there were two points created. One was correct, the other said point 99


Hi speedster, can you put me on that map? I lost my password or user ID to get in and am having probs getting a new account. No big deal, just wondering.


Sure. Shoot me a pm with you location. You can give me a town or city or address or coordinate, etc. just depends on how accurate you want the location.


Hey thanks. I’ll send you a pm, if I can figure out how.


btw, John, I’m assuming that is your house and land in your photo, and if so it is super beautiful. I love the house from what I can see. Is it a log cabin or just a bit rustic looking? Yard, trees, and garden look great too. Looks like you have as much mowing to do as I do! Also noticed the tree in the back that appears to be wrapped for protection from birds or something.


Yes, it’s a log house. I have deer and I thought that would help, but all it did was make my goldrush grow crooked. I believe olepea or jellyman told me it wouldn’t help, so I took it off. And yes, I seem to mow grass all the time, close to 2 acres of mowing area. There’s a bunch more trees now, glad I retired cause it takes a lot of time babying those children. But I love my hobby, just wish I knew what all of y’all do about growing them correctly. Hey, thankyou for asking.


haha. As someone with over 80 trees to care for and just about 3 acres that has to be mowed, I can relate more than you know to the work you described, but also to the love of the hobby. But you can’t include me in the “ya’ll” when you talk about how much people here know. I’ve only been growing fruit for 3-4 years and feel like I’m a slow learning because I still know a lot less than others. But you’re right, there are lots of experts here who do know a great deal! Again, nice place you have there!