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Why, Thank you Subdood for your kind remarks and welcoming. I planted 8 Blueberry varieties initially. 2 Northern HB (Blue Crop and Blue Ray), 3 Southern HB (Ozark, Summit, Oneal and Blue Ridge) and 2 Rabbitteyes (Climax and Premier). Of the Northern HB the Blue Rays are completely wiped out. They never quite established any new growth. I’m not sure why (My PH level is 5.4------well within preferred Blueberry range). Two of my BlueCrops are doing good and have nice new growth (about 4 feet high by two feet now). My Southern HB are doing fairly well (I had to replace 2 of the 8 due to declining or no growth), I expect a big year out of them this 3rd year. Initially my hunch was that the Southern HB would soar above all other varieties but I was wrong. The Rabbiteyes are just dominating!! Great new growth this year and have reached past 5 feet high by 3 feet in width. All of my blueberries were initially planted with Peat Moss and mulched the last two years with a thick padding of Pine Needles followed up with Pine Bark on top of the Pine Needles a few weeks later. I had been pinching off the flowers the last two years to stimulate great root systems so we shall see how they do this summer when they are free to produce fruit. Let me know how well your Northerns progress in the years to come.



Am I a bad person because your picture made me laugh?

Don’t answer that.



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I have Climax rabbiteye here in Zone 6b. This past year was the first time it fruited, and the taste was underwhelming. Are you experiencing that? Perhaps it is not happy in my more northern location. Or perhaps mine’s flavor will improve as the bush matures.

In comparison, I also have Ochlockonee rabbiteye. That variety has fruited 2 years out of three here, and the berries taste wonderful, ripening in a staggered fashion, extending my season as late as October!


I have one bush of Climax and it has been fair tasting most of the time. Last year I put a bird cage over it and let the berries hang on the bush longer before picking. The extra hanging time really improved the taste/sweetness.


Auburn is correct, because I am able to let mine stay on the bush as long as I want since all 17 bushes are now under netting the flavor has improved on all varieties.


Thanks Matt! Very happy to find this fine site! In regards to my Climax blueberries of which I planted 4 in 2014 , we will find out about its tastyness this summmer. The last two years I had pinched off its fruit buds. The bushes appear in great shape. We shall see. It’s good to hear your other rabbit eye variety is performing extremely well. I have noted it’s type for future planting possibilities. :sunny:


Can we no longer zoom in on the map? I know it was locked so that it doesn’t accidently get edited, but I can’t seem to use it at all now. Just seeing a mass of red and green.


I’m not sure what is going on with it. Try this link

Maybe we can have Scott look at it and edit the link. I am not able to edit it.


I put your new link in the above. I also removed the outdated paragraph about editing it since it no longer applies. It would be nice to have the bigger map above like we had before so if you figure out a link that does that let me know and I can put it above.


I’m able to embed the map but can not figure out why users can no longer interact with it.


I zoomed on it yesterday


Lois, did you zoom on the embedded map above or did you zoom in after clicking on the link 4 posts above this one? The link will take you to google site where zoom will work. What we are trying to do is to be able to zoom on the embedded map thats displayed on this site. It used to work but no longer does.


I’m able to zoom… just can’t add my location.


Yesterday, Scott removed the original map and replaced it with the new one. So, the map in the original post can now be manipulated, but not edited.


Can you currently zoom on the map shown in this post General Location Map of members


yes, no problem zooming.


If you want to add me, you are welcome to. I’m in Statesboro Georgia, 30458.


Bob, what web browser are you using? I’m using Google Chrome and I can not pan or zoom in that map.


You are on the map now!


I have tried it on IE11, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Torch… and all zoom.