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The map has really grown since I last checked it. I see we have more overseas too.


Still kinda lonely here in NY.



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That link has been removed. However if there is something you would like to add or change just PM me and I’ll take care of it.


We are up to 163 Member Locations

Here is the rough breakdown by state so far:
California 18
Pennsylvania 11
Michigan 8
New York 8
Texas 8
Georgia 7
Maryland 7
Washington 7
Illinois 6
Iowa 6
Arizona 4
Massachusetts 4
Missouri 4
North Carolina 4
Virginia 4
Wisconsin 4
Maine 3
Nebraska 3
Oklahoma 3
Tennessee 3
West Virginia 3
Alabama 2
Connecticut 2
Idaho 2
Louisiana 2
Minnesota 2
Montana 2
Ohio 2
Oregon 2
Alaska 1
Arkansas 1
Delaware 1
Florida 1
Indiana 1
Kansas 1
Kentucky 1
Nevada 1
New Hampshire 1
Rhode Island 1
South Carolina 1
Utah 1
Vermont 1
Colorado 0
Hawaii 0
Mississippi 0
New Jersey 0
New Mexico 0
North Dakota 0
South Dakota 0
Wyoming 0

By Country:
US 153
Canada 5
Norway 1
Germany 1
Slovakia 1
Bulgaria 1
Australia 1



Hey where is NY?

I’m here



Time to BUMP


it would be nice to narrow questions to your area sometimes so it would be a neat function.


There is also Hydro (Benjamin),who lives on the Big Island in Hawaii. Brady


I put him on the big island! And boy am I jealous…


Am I the only one in Beijing, China?


As far as I know. Hope you don’t mind I stuck you on the map.


Not at all, it feels really special to be the sole representative :smile:







i clicked on the wrong spot by accident. how do i remove and redo?


Hi, I am brand new to
Please if possible mark my location as just south of Twin Falls, Idaho, Zone 5.
I have a young orchard, approx 4 years. I was hoping to plant olives(based on information from Dr. Falahi at University of Idaho at Moscow-he is at 2000’ whereas I am at 4000’) but they have not done well. I have an Hachiya Persimmon that did well through last winter although it got no flowers nor fruit. Varieties of Almonds, Walnuts, and Hazelnuts do well here. I have pears, peaches, nectarines, an apricot, a Dolgo Crabapple, and Italian Prune. I would love to try a Marcona almond and if I can find one I will put Christmas lights on it with my persimmon. I understand I need a pollenizer. I wonder if anyone has an idea where I might purchase them. I hope this isn’t too long.
Bev Whittier


Hi Bev, Welcome.

It is interesting to hear that you can grow Hachiya in zone 5. I can’t even grow it in my zone 6.