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Welcome Bev


You are now on the map! Welcome aboard.


I’ve never seen zone recommendations for Marcona. But I planted one last year and it survived my winter perfectly fine with no die-back. Happy to send you scion if you’d like.


Hi Bev1! I’m new here as well and saw that you are in Twin Falls. I’m from Rupert but moved to Twin after graduating from Minico and went to CSI. I lived there in Twin for a few years. It’s nice to see someone from back home. :slight_smile:


They are so good to eat. I was wondering about their hardiness.


Happy to send you scion wood, @mrsg47. Just say the word.


I won’t be grafting, since my house is for sale. :cold_sweat: thanks so much!


Well, I’ll save you some nuts for your first visit back to the States.


I wish more people would put their location on the map.
As fruit growers ,location is important , we all want to know what does good in our area.
Conversely , if we have a problem ,it’s likely our nearest buddy has ,or will have the same.
So everybody , get on the map.
There is to much empty space on that map around me.

Where are you ?


I’ve found It is more convenient to list your state ( and city if you want) in your profile. This is in addition to your zone.


While I agree it is really nice when people put their location and zone in their profile that doesn’t help a new member locate their neighbors unless they blindlessly click over 1000 members profiles in hopes to find someone near to them. I think the map is a very nice compliment to the member introduction thread and the member profiles pages.


Agree with that


That’s a good point.


How can I be the only member on the entire Delmarva Peninsula?

Sign up folks!


I am unable to add myself to the member’s location map… Can u help?


I can add you to the map. What part of Delaware do you live near?


Wilmington, Delaware. Thanks very much!


You are now on the map!