General Location Map of members


Can you add me Canton, GA 30115?



You are on the map. Welcome aboard.


Taking a quick look at the map there are only 4 states that we still haven’t put any people on the map. There may be people on the forum that live there but they haven’t asked to be placed on the map.

The states include:
New Mexico
South Dakota


Hi @speedster1, are we still able to edit the map or is that something you need to do? @GeorgiaGent tagged me in a recent thread because he saw that I was near him on the map in his new location but I’ve moved since adding myself to the Google map. I’m in houston TX now.


Sure I can move your location to the Houston area. North, south, east, west?


I’m a little southwest.


I see you are a fool no more! :grin:


Brad I moved you. You are now southwest of Houston.


Please add me Catawba SC 29704




I can get a dot to appear on the map where I live, but can’t find the “add to map”

Could someone add me to Lasalle County, Il? Please and thank you!


Taken Care of. You are now on the map.


Thank you so much!


You can place me at 392 Pardeeville Rd, Cold Brook, NY. I have a second location at the corner of Grant Rd and Pardeeville Rd (southeast corner) as well.


Done. Welcome aboard


Thank you kindly!


Just wanted to remind all you new folks to be sure and mark your location on the map. Its more fun for all of us if we can see where you are, who is close to us, etc.

@BlueBerry I noticed you mentioned being in central KY, so I looked to see where you are but didn’t see you on the map. I’d love to see your star on there if you don’t mind sharing. I’m just outside Franklin, KY on the TN side of the state line.


I’m in Oakton, VA 22124


You are now on the map.


Please add Tylertown, MS 39667