Geneva 202

Who has experience with Geneva 202 rootstock? I see it listed as well anchored, is this true? Looks like a great rootstock from a chart I’m looking at. I now see small fruit size listed as a drawback. Looking for a well anchored blight resistant, free-standing equivalent in MM 106/M7 size range.


Overall, it looks like a good one. But I’ve heard it is supposed to have very upright growth.

For my purposes, I need a little more squat and spreading form, so I am gravitating more toward Geneva.935; Geneva.30; and the 111s.

But G.202 looks like it has a lot going for it: fireblight resistance, cold hardiness, vigor, good anchorage, and perhaps its strongest quality: reports that it accomodates scions with a very STRONG graft union. I estimate it would reach around 13-ft in height, and I am keeping it in mind in case I eventually need a tree shaped like this to fill a narrow spot.

By the way-- I do NOT have firsthand experience with G.202 yet. This is just what I have researched.


Thanks Matt- upright growth is not what I’d choose either, given other options. I just talked to Cummins Nursery and they like 202 for a free-standing tree and weren’t aware of upright growing issues so am going ahead with a few 202. Will bench graft these for a friend’s property at a very high and cold location in W. Va. Will need to pick some disease resistant varieties.

Don’t want to hijack this thread, but can anyone compare 202 and 222? I am getting some 222, which I ordered instead of G30, got the impression 202 (which there seems to be at least a bit of info on online) and 222 were fairly similar at least and both might be smaller then G30…

I had 2 Baldwins on 202. I have one now as one snapped at the graft union in a gusty thunderstorm this fall. Wind speeds about 25mph and the tree was well supported, 2 yrs old and the trunk diameter was 2". Growth is more upright than 935 but still very manageable as crotch angles are good. My 222’s will be second leaf on a smaller scion, crotch angles look fairly flat so far.

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I have about 20 heirloom apples grafted on G202 in the spring of 2014 and planted that fall. They all put on 6 to 8 foot of growth in their first full year in the ground. I used a 5-6 foot metal stake for support. The fence surrounding them is 5 foot tall.


So much for reports of 202 providing a strong graft union.

Hopefully your broken tree constitutes an anomolous occurance, and your remaining tree will thrive.


Beautiful trees and surroundings you got there.

I am taking “crotch angles fairly flat” as a good sign, they spread nicely? Or they need correcting?
The 222 I may try growing at least 1 out to the point of top-working instead of grafting something new, then top-working that into additional varieties later…

G935 has the best angles of the Geneva rootstocks I grow. 202 is easily spread, 45+ degree angles.