Geneva 890 RootStock


I remember you telling me the struggles you had with G210 last year and as you also know I ordered them for this year so… also G969 for a first this year. The G890 performances I thought were very good for my first time Grafting.


From my reading, G210 and G890 produce similar size trees but G210 tree can have suckering issues not found on G890 so that is why I went with G890.


I’m in a Z4a/b climate so my interest was in the cold hardiness, and I wanted free-standing trees.


My understanding is that 890 tends to grow a very beefy central leader, sounds perfect for a cider orchard. We’ll all find out soon enough if it lives up to the hype.

My Cummins order came through 8 days ago, 35 G.890 and a handful of B.118. I thought my 890 stock from them was very good, healthy and well-packed. The B.118 stock was outstanding, the only better rootstock I’ve ever bought is OHxF333 directly from Cal Poly’s crops unit on campus that they grew themselves.

I thought Cummins was propagating their rootstocks? Aside from the late (for me, it’s basically summer here) shipping date, I was very happy with them. When I contacted them about my ship date their reply was very prompt and explained that they aren’t able to get shipments for CA inspected until the last week of March.


They actually do not propagate any of the rootstocks that they sell. I too was pretty shocked when I was told that myself. I planted out my failed G 890 grafts form last years attempt. I’m going to probably cleft graft them and maybe even try a chip bud coming this summer.


It’s kind of interesting, Cummins isn’t listed as a licensed propagator of G.890. Last fall either Cummins or Indian Creek Farm posted a picture on Facebook of them harvesting rootstocks. It could be they buy them in bulk, plant them out for a season and havest in the fall for refrigeration, or they’re only propagating a few specific varieties of the G series.


Tino told me last year it wasn’t feasible for them when there are nurses on the west coast that specialize with rootstocks so they buy them and resell them depending on that the customers are asking for.


More power to them. Not all of us need a 50+ rootstock bundle from Treco or Willamette etc. Cummins probably has the best per unit price on the G series compared to other retail nurseries, and for sure carries the best selection of them.