Ghost Apple

Who’s planting a Ghost Apple this year?

Here’s mine:


What’s a ghost Apple? I think I have several of those growing, they look like Apple trees but they don’t have any Apples on them.


LOL! So do I…

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Thanks for sharing the label. Interesting to learn it’s an early-season apple.

When it fruits for you, we’ll expect a full report…


Sounds like a Transparent almost, doesn’t it?


I contacted Dave Wilson Nursery about its patent status and they replied: patent applied for.

I will.


What are you going to use as a pollinator?

Almata Apple.


Lazy Evaluation Ranch said they taste horribly:


That is a cool looking apple. I hope you use it in your breeding experiments to make a tastier version!


I’d like to revive this thread as I have some intriguing questions. After a week or so of making calls to find someone that would ship this to PA, I finally found it and ordered two from Bay Laurel. First off, what would be a great partner for pollination that isn’t your run-of-the-mill Fuji or Gala Apple? @alan @mamuang @scottfsmith @39thparallel I mainly grow rare and offbeat varieties of things so I’d rather not have Fuji wasting my plot of land. Secondly I’ve seen two taste reports, one said its horrendous, the other delicious. Any thoughts @itheweatherman, have you gotten any fruit yet?

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Might be a good candidate for a cider additive? My best batches of cider have had a blend of several varieties, some sweet, some not so sweet.

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I may use Almata like @itheweatherman, but I’m waiting for others to chime in on other possible oddity pollinizers. From what I understand it’s a very early apple.

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In the cooler zones most apple varieties overlap enough to pollinate each other. Even one freakishly late variety (unkown) at one site somehow gets pollinated consistently. It is if full bloom when a wide range of varieties on the same site have lost all their petals.

It ends up only getting one insecticide spray instead of 2, but the fruit is always as sound as all the other apples in the orchard.


So @alan do you feel with me having about fifteen other red apple varieties (Etters apples, pink pearl, hidden rose, red love, etc.) within row (about 30 trees) would be enough to pollinate Ghost?

Probably any one of those would do it. As you get further south the spread from early to late flowering varieties expands dramatically. I’m in Z6 in S. NY.

Ok :ok_hand: good to know. I’m also considering picking up yellow/white transparent. I know that’s an early apple too from what I read. Worst case that’ll be a back up and another oddity. Thanks for the info @alan

I would like to know if anyone had the chance to taste the Ghost apple. Any comments would be appreciated.