Giomba I found the culprit

A few years ago when placing my ARS USDA order I ordered Giomba Persimmon scion instead of Giombo, in moment of misthought . I wondered if it was another spelling for the same cultivar. They are not the same. Last year I was pretty busy during bloom and didn’t observe closely and ended up with seeds in many of my fruit. I was unaware of any cultivars I had that produced many male flowers. I observed closer this year set on identifying the culprit and a few weeks ago saw the young flowers develop in 3’s profusely on my young Giomba tree. It was moved to the far corner of my back pasture Where at some point I might try some PVNA cultivars, but I want my main plantings to be seedless.



You did some detective work and caught your culprit. The Giomba should get along well with the Chocolate or Coffee cake Kakis.