Gold Monukka Table Grape


Gold Monukka is a seedless table grape I selected from the Wolfskill National Repository several years ago. It has parentage Ontario x Black Monukka. It is somewhat disease hardy and bears loose clusters - both of which are good factors for southern California coastal and near-coastal regions. As the name indicates, it has a golden color when ripe.

Last Fall I planted out a cutting at the south end of my vine trellises. These are five connected T-type, 8' tall and 16' wide. Here it is to date:

Muscadine trellis
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Great trellis.


The shoots I've been training upwards have overshoot the top by at least a foot, so today I tied them off horizontally onto the "T". In the background you see my neighbor's yard.


Over the course of the summer this plant has completely filled out the trellis, and with the hot weather we’ve had lately it’s giving fruit a try!


perhaps will ripen in time for Thanksgiving :slight_smile:


Richard that cluster is beautiful. No birds?


I have plenty of birds in my area but they haven’t shown any interest in grapes unless I miss a small bunch in the leaves and they become overripe.


Thanks for the update. Grapes and Muscadines don’t make you wait very long for fruit.



First growth


Got grapes?



I’m going to have to prune the canes on these again! In terms of both fruit and vegetative growth these are the most vigorous grapes I’ve grown in my environment. :slight_smile:


Almost ripe!


So much for birds and sqirrels. Those beautiful grapes wouldn’t last an hour in Newport . Beautiful!


Here we go again :slight_smile:


… and a winter harvest!


Oh yum. I know nothing about this grape, is it seedless?


Yes, here’s the info in the 1st post: Gold Monukka Table Grape


Wow! What a set!