Gold Monukka Table Grape


Two harvest a year? Does it always do this? That really is amazing.



It starts flowering in late spring and doesn’t stop until late Fall. Typically the last bunches never ripen but this year the weather was accommodating.


Are they really sweet sweet, or good sweet. Bet I can grow them in
France? They are so beautiful.


Not super sweet – just right in my opinion. In the summer they ripen to a golden yellow with a “wow” kind of flavor. These did not reach that stage … they’re more akin to green “grocery store” grapes.



Richard! They look so much more exotic than the old oval grocery green grape! Pretty grape!


Borrowing from tomato terminology … I guess we could call it an indeterminate grape!


Sounds like it. Remarkable! Happy New Year.


I cane-pruned my plant today, setting aside a couple dozen scions for the San Diego CRFG chapters.


This year the Gold Monukka is the first of our grapes to break dormancy.


We noticed these fruit sets today :slight_smile:


Grapes developing …



Our Gold Monukka grape wasn’t quite convinced it is winter but I pruned it anyway.


Where’s the fruiting wood?


In the greenery bin. New ones will grow out and if not trimmed will be a dozen feet long by mid-summer.


Hmm, doesn’t that mean no fruit.


I cane prune my grapes. They fruit on green wood. Never a problem with fruit production, other than over-production!


Your picture appears to show just old wood. I guess there’s some canes of last yrs wood on there somewhere.


Nope! It bears prolifically on new growth, from late spring through December.

Likewise – our Black Monukka and Southern Home bear on new growth twice in the summer.


All grapes whether spur or cane pruned bear on new growth. But only new growth from last yrs wood is fruitful. Your picture shows what looks like two yr and older wood. But it’s hard to tell from that angle.