Golden Nugget apple

…or is it a crabapple?
Either way it is the most intensely flavored, dense little apple, sort of like a concentrated Cox’s with a bit more russet character. Makes sense since I think it’s Cox’s Orange Pippen x Golden Russet. Vigorous grower, shy bearer.
I got this one since it was recommended by a cider maker as a good choice for a sharp high brix juice and top worked a couple trees. I guess you could call it a connoisseur’s apple!


They are tasty, and kind of early too!


Would it be tasty, or bland and mealy in the heat of the Midwest, anyone know? Sounds really good.

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Mine didn’t fruit this year, possibly due to the freeze on May 18th. Last year was my first year for a couple fruit:


I have just one tree of it. Definitely a shy bearer.

It tastes good. I’ve got no experience as a cider apple.

Swiss Gourmet is a slightly better tasting apple and much better production for a summer apple.


Its not a shy bearer here. Got scions from Scott Smith. It over sets and ripens earlier then many.
Great flavor!