Good options for small-scale cider press?


Well after two seasons of using the mop press and quisinart I’m thinking of buying one. Too much work and I think it just doesn’t apply enough pressure to get all of the juice out.


It depends on what “small” is really.

We are putting a couple of bushels thru a centrifugal juicer, and that works OK. We do it in several sessions (which match how the apples ripen and our available time). And it works OK. I think these juicers do get more juice out of the apples than a traditional press, but they are slow, doing an apple at a time. However if you add up all the time grinding and cleaning up from a traditional press, it may not be that much longer, but never having a traditional cider setup I am just guessing on that.

I suppose that we will eventually have to “upgrade” to a different setup, once more of the apple trees come into production. But until then, this is working for us.


I know this old article has been brought up . The washing machine would need to be tweaked for efficiency but it’s a great idea! This video has also been posted on here but as you can see these kids did a fairly good job Twenty gallons of cider an hour would be very difficult to beat with any other device. These kids were not the only ones to read the mother earth article I like this example as well