Good pastry recipes using Gage plums?

Looking for good recipes of pastry using Gage plums. Preferably with puff pastry. Recipes using Mirabelles might work as well (I’ll just replace Mirabelles by Gages).

Also, is any frozen puff pastry available in supermarkets made with real butter, not margarine or palm oil?



I don’t have a specific recipe for you but the PResidants Choice brand did have a butter puff pastry which we like. Not sure if it is made all year, or just over the holidays.

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Not a baker (by a long stretch) myself, but I think Trader Joe’s puff pastry is made with flour and butter and not substituted with other fats. And yes, it also has some French in the label :slight_smile:

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Pepperidge Farm puff pastry sheets were the only product available in the States that I knew of; they worked really well! Here they are sold differently, but that will not help you. Making your own puff paste is not that difficult. Time consuming. Also with a plum tart I would just use a simple pie crust. No lattice, no top crust, just fruit looking up at you is the best. I strongly suggest using the puff paste sheets and rolling them into circles.


Here results of an experiment we did today. Our own fruit (Bavay plums), puff pastry sheets from a supermarket (Wewalka brand, a product of Hungary), the outcome was on the plate (for about a whole minute. :wink: ).


Looks wonderful!

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Great weren’t they! I’d love one! I also loved my Bavays!

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Wow, ripe in zone 9 CA in mid-July. In NY they won’t be until early Sept. Have you tested their brix, by any chance?

Gage ripening season is crazy early this year, I have been picking Bavays since June 30 and Old Green Gages since July 4. The harvest has been peaking up in the last few days with a lot of Bavay, Golden Transparent Gage, and Purple Gage plums. Oullins Gage is already done, Old Green Gage and Reine des Mirabelles are almost done.

Brix ranges from 25 to 30+ depending on how ripe a particular fruit is.

Stan I agree your reine claudes and mirabelles are really early… we now have nectarines and yellow peaches in the marche. Not a plum in sight yet. As you know the French go crazy for their Reine Claudes and Mirabelles! Mine just have a hint of yellow. Everything here is slower, but the seasons seem to be longer; or there are later varieties.

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I knew I shouldn’t ask- right now I suspect the peaches I’m harvesting are something like 8. Not even worth the respect and effort of measuring.

I do sometimes get plums up to 25, but that is the absolute tops.

I cannot stop doing it! And eating it. :wink:


Do you ship?


LOL! Come visit next time you’re back on this side of the pond.

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