Gourd/pumpkin flowers

I have a gourd/pumpkin growing in my flowerbed. I have five(5) plants that just showed up a few months ago without me planting any of them. The fruit looks like those small gourd/pumpkins that you get around Halloween time.
I have pics of the fruit and also the blossoms.
Strange thing is the one flower has multiple stamens and one stigma, or looks like it in the flower blossom. While the other blossoms have only one stamen/anther.
The only fruit that has been growing has been on the one plant that has both the stigma and stamen. I have either never noticed this before or maybe this just the way it always is. I took a cotton swab to the blossoms to make sure they were cross pollinated but nothing ever took except on the one plant. The blossoms only are open early in the morning and close up by no later than 10 or 11 a.m…
Maybe this is way too complicated for me to understand but it is just odd , to me, that only one of the plants is producing any fruit. That plant is the one that has multiple parts to the blossom. Plus is anyone knows what type of plant , gourd, or pumpkin this is please let me know.
Thank you.


Male blooms and female blooms is what I think you’ve discovered?


That is what I thought as well. I guess either I have not paid any attention to that in all my years of having a garden or I have not looked close enough. Normally my garden is on the ground. These are growing along a wall along my driveway. The blossoms are right at waist level so I can see the blossoms when they open up. That was why I was using a q-tip to try and cross pollinate them since the blossoms would open, then close, and then no fruit was being produced.I have even see bees and insects in the blossoms and still no fruit except on the one plant with many stamens/anthers in it. I guess I am not too old to learn something.
Thanks for your reply!!

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Hooligan pumpkin, perhaps?

I have NO idea. They just started growing one day and left them alone. They remind me of the little pumpkin looking things you get in the fall at Halloween for decorations.