Grafted Montmorency Cherry

Grafted this Montmorency a few years ago and it’s starting to shape up. It’s blooms slightly overlap Northstar. Carmine Jewell is earlier blooming but is finishing up. The other stumps I grafted with sweet cherries last year, I have another group of 20 or so rootstocks to graft over that I won’t have time to do this year.


Interesting. I’m in zone 7, which only means temperatures don’t go below 0 but the cool ocean breezes​ moderates Spring temperatures so my CJ had not yet flowered. It has small green flower buds now so it will be a week or two before it flowers. Sweet cherries will be flowering about the same time.

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Yes we already have small green cherries forming on most CJ. A few CJ are delayed and are still in bloom.

I am wondering if any one has ever tried grafting a sweet cherry to a Romance cherry? I have a Kristin that has not gotten cherries yet, and a Lapins that had a few one year only. If they were on a low bush, I could cover them in late frosts and maybe even over winter. Just curious if anyone has tried it ever. I have a whole sea of Romance cherry sprouts, probably Carmine Jewels, buy might be Romeos or Crimson Passions.

Im not sure but perhaps @BobVance has tried to graft a sweet cherry to one of the canadian romance series sour cherry suckers. Bob if you have tried it did you have any luck?

I don’t think I’ve grafted sweet to romance sucker. Instead, I’ve grafted romance sucker to sour (North Star). It appeared to take, but the whole tree died before that long had passed, so the results were inconclusive.

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I checked the reference category posted by @ILParadiseFarm.

I could not find info on prunus under romance series. Otherwise, we might be able to figure out if it is compatible with prunus avium (sweet cherry)

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Thanks Bob i knew you were experimenting with the romance cherries and thought perhaps you tried it.

Sounds hopeful. Maybe I will try it. Thanks for the help.