Seedling Montmorency cherries

This is a seedling of Montmorency. Anyone else have or seen seedling cherries?

This was the parent which is my ex’s tree. I grafted the original tree as well.

There are lots of other threads on montmorency and all the good and bad things about. It’s one of the most popular sour cherries

Montmorency is not the only cherry I grow. If you want to know how I process cherries you can learn more on this thread Carmine Jewell is living up to its famous reputation

It can be compared with another great cherry carmine Jewell here Carmine Jewell Cherry Yields increasing with age

These photos below are my carmine Jewell and you can see the difference is significant. Both are excellent even among the best sour cherries

This is Joel one of the meader cherries . Please let me know if you need other pictures of nanking, western sand cherries, or North star.


My seedling Montmorency sour cherry tree.

Seedling north star


I can tell its a seedling montmorency. Without an exception 50% or greater of every leaf on every seedling montmorency tree has the two tiny red balls at the base of every leaf almost like a mini photo of a cherry. Here is an enlarged photo. Rarely they are green instead of red.

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North star


Very interesting a common ancestor. North star is used in the breeding program of the romance series cherries by the way. Like with pears the majority have Bartlett aka williams in their genetics.

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I have a volunteer seedling cherry coming up. I expect it is from my Black Eagle tree as it is downhill from it. I’m going to try to let it grow out for fun.

Peaches make tons of seedlings, I get a few plums, and no cherries until this one.


Can’t wait to see what it turns out like for you.

Clark Does your Western sand cherry have purple leaves? Mine does and I’m curious if it will bear fruit? I read somewhere that not all varieties do.

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Is yours a Hansen? It needs a pollinators if so. The Hansen is a bitter cherry more of a plum actually.

Mine is an unknown variety. It hasn’t blossomed yet. This is it’s second spring. What polinates the Hansen? It appears the Hansen isn’t red leaved.

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Hope this year my montmorency on its own roots produces. Have a grafted one as well.


Any western sand cherry will pollinate it. Western sand cherries are bitter until processed.

Pie Cherries do very well in Western Washington
but few people grow them anymore.


got 5 off of mine last summer. taste wise, i prefer them oner the romance series off the bush but ive heard the romance cherries shine in processing.

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