Grafting book

Any recommendations for a good book on various types of grafts?
I know that there is a lot of information about grafting on the Internet but I prefer to have a book about it.

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although there are a few books on the subject, i think
The Grafter's Handbook - Robert John Garner - Google Boeken.
is considered the reference here.

i unfortunately don’t own a copy at the moment. But i am looking for one :slight_smile: if once looked over an old copy.

the newer revised versions, also have some appendices containing newer rootstocks (like plum) but I’m not a 100% sure how up to date.


That is the book I’d recommend too. I read it cover to cover when I was getting into grafting. I remember taking it on vacation to Jamaica. Is it out of print? Why is it so expensive?

I think I have two copies, and now I feel like a hoarder. Hardcovers going for $900 on Amazon.


i think there are ebook versions of it around for 4$ which is a steal…

what revision (year) do you have murky? And did it also go into the newer rootstocks? (gisela krymsk etc)

I have a paperback from 2003 and a hardcover that’s probably the most recent.

Not sure about the recent rootstocks.

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I suspect you’ll get more help from videos on grafting…youtube or vimeo. A search online should bring up several. Drawings in a book are not quite the same as “seeing it done”.

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I started a thread here that seemed like the beginning of a book as I was typing it :joy:

In all seriousness, depending on the style of grafting you plan to do, I’d start with a zenport style tool (less than 30 bucks on aliexpress), buddy tape from sumo bonsai supply (about 30 bucks), temflex rubber electric tape/a good utility knife from home depot (probably another 10 bucks) and a pair of scissors to make smaller strips of the temflex.

Watch a bunch of videos shared on my thread, you will likely learn more about techniques that way than a book will show you anyway. Not that I am discouraging you from reading (I love to and have purchased many related to fruit growing in the last year) but on this subject I think watching is all you need.

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there is a lot more you can learn than just the “cutting technique”

The linked book goes really in depth about everything to do with grafting.
if you follow the link, you can preview pages and get a sense of it.


I have a bookshelf full of unread or partially read books. I’d rather be doing something active…so I read for need or for pleasure…and if it’s neither, I usually postpone reading.

Writing is almost easier than reading…I’ve written a newspaper column for over 20 years on landscaping and gardening, and I’ve written on historical or religious topics.

I just say that to note that those desiring a university degree in horticulture should read as much as they can get their hands on that is in the field of study…but there are just so many hours to every day. Nobody can be the expert in every field…so my philosophy is to know a bit about everything…and know where to look if I need the rest of the details someday.

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I think your best bet is to look at bunch of online videos. Skillcult and KuffelCreek nursery have some really good ones. But I am book person too and probably own too many books to be honest so I understand your desire to buy a book on the subject.

The book by Garner is often recommended and I have a copy of the fifth edition (1988). I don’t think it has much to offer for a beginner grafter. It’s a good reference if you have some experience grafting and covers many different grafting techniques. Also it is very specific to the climate of the United Kingdom as far as tools, timing and temperatures. I would check it out from a library and see if it’s really what you want. Or you may be able to get it via interlibrary loan if your library doesn’t have it. The older editions are fairly cheap on amazon if your going to buy it on a budget.


This is another book that I feel would not offer as much to a hobbyist as a new edition, similar to the one in this thread How to propagate all of the fruits - #2 by Stan

I ended up finding the above referenced book from ebay, although the website/app thriftbooks was mentioned and I purchased a few other great fruit related books there as well. There is only so much that could be added to a title like that (mainly new tissue culture /lab techniques).