Grafting cherry on pluerry for more tolerant rootstock


Can one graft cherry onto Pluerry? This would give an easy option for the home gardener who wants to plant a cherry tree on plum or other rootstock (current options for that require access to rare varieties and quite a lot of horticultural expertise)

I have not heard of anyone grafting cherry on Pluerry. What are you trying to accomplish? Are you needing a rootstock for certain soil conditions or are you wanting to use Pluerry as an interstem to make cherry compatible with rootstocks that cherry is usually incompatible with?

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Goal would be a rootstock less apt to rot. Thanks

Do you have a source for Pluerry rootstock? Pluerries seem fairly new and I doubt many people have experience with them as a fruit or a rootstock. If you are able to get the rootstock you could try experimenting with it. But incompatibility can take years to show up.

If your having problems with root rot you might try Krymsk 5 or Gisela 5 both have a reputation for wide range soil tolerance. Unfortunately, Cherry rootstock in general is hard to get. It would probably be easier to buy finished trees on these rootstocks than to graft them yourself.

Hi James,

What you are looking for is ‘Adara’ plum. Used as an interstem among cherries and plums, it’s highly compatible to either/or. Old orchards have been converted from plum to cherry or cherry to plum - I forget which is the commonplace now.

There are a lot of members growing it for this very reason (I am one as of last year.)

@danchappell has grafted almonds somewhere along the chain of grafting. I forget what else. Maybe he will point us to the thread I’m referring to where he has photos.



@JamesN Adara (Puente) Plum - Fruit tree, rootstock & interstem - #44 by pennsy
I distributed a bunch of scions to a number of people here last year. Hopefully some more people can grow it out and share it around. I didn’t grow much of it this year so have none to exchange at this time.

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Thanks, Dan.

I was Andy’s orchard in Morgan Hill last week and he mentioned that all his cherry trees are grafted as

Lovell + Pointe (interstem) + Sweet cherry

Lovell works really well as a rootstock here for peaches and nectarines. He was willing to bring Pointe to the scion exchange if there was enough interest - not sure if he’d bother to ship them. I don’t know if pointe can be easily sourced otherwise.

That would be great!

I’m one of the people and probably have some Adara scion I could share.


Would anyone be able to describe Pointe for me? What is it? I looked it up online and could not find anything. The existence of these intercompatible species is amazing. It is like the Kevin Bacon game for fruit trees. You can go from peach to cherry. My peaches are very healthy where I am (nothing has ever died or even had disease).

I believe the correct Spanish spelling is Puente which translates to “bridge”. Makes sense when you think of it as a bridge between two incompatible cultivars. The original name is Adara but it is often called Puente in California. There is no publicly traded commercial supply.

I typed it based on what I heard - Dan’s spelling is probably the right one!

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As @danchappell said above, Puente and Adara are two names of the same plant.

Raintree Nursery sells a salad tree that has European plum, two sweet cherry varieties, peach, nectarine, and apricot. It’s on Puente interstem.

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I’ve got wood too that I could share. I’ve got cm thickness at the bottom of one shoot that travels 2 feet with 1/8 inch. side branching 4-6" pieces. Anyone needing any let me know. I’m always happy to cut off all but a few buds and let it go again.
(@joleneakamama )



@Barkslip I’m interested in any Puente/Adara scions you have available.

This is what I have for you Duereg and for anyone else asking, the one to the left is the only size I have remaining but I have a lot of 4" or 5" sticks. Looks to be 2-3 mm, leaning more toward 2 mm.

You’ll have to message me your address and PayPal. I’m broke. Shipping 1st class will be 3-4 bucks and I’ll send you a money request for the exact total I need.

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@danchappell @joleneakamama @Barkslip or anyone else, would you happen to have any material of Adara this year? Been on the prowl for this for a couple of days now ever since @Jose-Albacete made me aware of its existence.

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I have some, sure. You can message me.