Grafting Fruit Trees - A few techniques - Video


An update off the grafts i did on the Old Pear Tree. They are reaching a length that puts them at risk from breakage from strong winds. Some support is needed at this stage.
An alternative is pinching the apical growth, so the grafts stops growing in length and branches out, reinforcing the graft union.


Great Video Jaime.

I followed your advice this year and did the extra cut on the scion
wood along with wrapping the scion with buddy tape and had the
best grafting season ever. I still use plastic bags instead of grafting wax, with great results and even grafted a month later than usual and the grafts all survived constant 80+ degree weather. I know this
may not work for you, but it sure does for me and for others too whom I’ve taught this method. One curious observation is I’ve never had to brace grafts from breaking in the wind, as you do in the video.
Thanks for posting.



Great video, nicely done.


great video. i grafted 4 scions, 2 varieties of pear, to my 7ft. mtn. ash. 3 are budding out right now. the 4th is still green and should bud out shortly. wish i knew about this earlier as my property has dozens mtn. ash. thankful to this website that turned me on to this idea! :wink:


I have very strong Northern winds over here in July, August. If i don’t cut the tips or brace the vigorous growing grafts they will break for sure.
I’m glad your grafting season was good. Mine was quite good also, except for the grafted rootstocks in pots. A heat wave dried most of them when i left them unnatended for a couple of weeks. I am particularly sad about a special cherry variety i received this year (no luck with cherries, i might have to give up on them)



You might find some cherries in your Christmas stocking.