Grafting honeyberry to honeysuckle

The question was posed last year in this thread, by @Chonas . Has anyone tried this yet?

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I would be interested to know the answer as well.

That said I wonder what benefit that might have since own-root honeyberries can already mature pretty quickly and vining honeysuckles tend to sucker from below ground which would create a management mess with them twining through the honeyberry.

Grafting shorter varieties of honeyberry onto long shoots from tall honeyberry varieties sounds really interesting though. Perhaps a way to get them at a better height for hand harvest in the home garden setting.


I attempted it on the invasive bush honeysuckles near me with 0% success. Now that I have honeyberries in ground I’ll try again next year.


This would be so cool to see. It would definitely take some frequent pruning but the convenience of an already established root system might be worth it.

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I’m going to try this maybe in the summer or next year when my bushes have more cuttings to share. What varieties did you try to graft and when did you attempt it?


The indigo ones @steveb4 can confirm specifics since he supplied the cuttings. April (most trees/plants are in or past budbreak in Alabama at this point). However, I didn’t take special care sealing the scions. I’ll do that and banana graft next year I think.


Also following. As discussed in the other thread, with very fragile bark I wonder if specific grafting methods would be best for success… My parents have tons of bush honeysuckle in the woods, I’d love to try this once my haskaps are big enough.