Grafting roots to tiny scions

Has anyone tried it?

I have some itty bitties that have me thinking about it.

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Yes, I have done it, but only because I did not have any other options. I would prefer a larger root or rootstock and adjust my grafting technique, rather than having little root mass.

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I dug up a root from my Meteor charry and grafted a twig from the same tree. It took and grew. It had little white maggots around the roots that kept it tiny. I removed the tree after t5 years of not growing or dying.

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Maybe I will try to modify a cleft graft into a notch type deal.

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i have done some root grafting on both tiny and larger scions.

If had best success letting them “heal” in coco-peat. (just enough moisture, that if you squeeze a handful only 1-2 drops of water fall out) in zip lock bags at room temp. And than planting out.

I have to warn you though. They are sensitive. I forgot to water them once during a dry week. And they all died. Where my just planted grafted rootstocks did fine.

if you have tiny scions you could also try and chip bud them. If made a topic about that here

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I looked at these little buds and I do not think chip budding will work with my hands. In fact looking at a piece of G214 wondering if I should try chip budding is when I noticed there were plenty of thick feathery root pieces in the G214 bag. Left over from trimming I suppose.

There are also a couple of rootstocks well over 3/8 that I might be about to cleft graft. But I have plenty of the tiny scions so I could try both methods just to see.

I said I was done with Derma-rite parafilm because it does not come off. But here I could probably trim a small piece to make one good tight tiny root to scion graft.

What is that? i don’t know it.
Parafilm is a specific (brand) thing. As far as I’m aware it all comes off naturally. (degrades quickly in sunlight)

If it doesn’t come off. It’s not parafilm… but something else.

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No. It is a stretchy parafilm based post surgery tape. With a mild waterproof style adhesive on one side. And a course weave sealed polyester fabric on the other. Seals great. Makes very tight grafts.

Loves to remove young bark if pulled.

doesn’t sound like parafilm to me. I think it’s surgery tape.

It is a parafinetic tape. Same as Parafilm.