Grampa's Orchard Apple Maturity Chart

Some might find this chart handy:


Thank you it does help. I have Sweet 16, and Chestnut crabs still on the tree and because this is the first year for a some fruit I have already sacrificed a few trying to see if they are ready.
Chestnut is almost there, the seeds are half brown and they are getting less tart and sweeter. I see that Sweet 16 will be about two weeks later than my Chestnut.
I don’t want to pick the remaining apples till they are ready as they have been crossed with my Trailman and I don’t want to loose the seed.


wow! i just picked a few 5 gal. pails of y. transparent for sauce here! i guess they are a little late this year.


That is handy, and here are a few more. They are a little bit hard to find from their homepage (they are under the “Growing Tips” section). They also have very detailed pollination charts.


Thanks for filling out the list - I didn’t even know it was there. I’m downloading the pear chart now.

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Thanks. I’ve seen it before, but good to see it in-season and print up for reference.

Great information. Thanks for posting these for reference.