I’m sure everyone is familer with Duchesnea indica or Mock Strawberry. That flavorless abomination. After vowing to eliminate it from my yard I discover that there a native American strawberry with good flavor and it so turned out it is also parents of the commercial strawberry I figured why not replace with something nice. I found seeds online but no one really stocks this type of strawberry regularly. Anyway the USDA happens to hold in inventory plenty of strawberries in there collection and like Apples, Pears etc are happy to share for research purposes. Almost none of the collection has earned a name or cultivar status nore are hardly any discerptions of the fruit.

What you receive are Stolons or “Runners”. How developed they are will depend on the conditions they are kept in after receipt. In my case everything got stuck in the wine fridge for 2 weeks. I think it helped some grow roots and others to nearly die.

I orderd mostly American virginiana but also some European virdis and Japanese nipponica

This is what they look like three days after being potted up and left in the sun. given so much of them remain green even during two days with heat advisories I think they will live.

@Caesar Found you a source of Diploid strawberries.


I forgot my pictures.

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I’m a bit late to the party, but that looks great Kiwi! I had ordered potatoes from GRIN (did it again a couple of weeks ago, waiting for the package), but it hadn’t occurred to me to try them for Strawberries and Brambles. I got a few projects to keep me busy this winter, but I think I’ll bookmark some choice germplasm to order next summer (¿any recommendations?).

My own alpines have been dutifully sending out an occasional flower despite my keeping them unfertilized, but it’s been months since the raspberry flowered. New shoots are sprouting, and the old ones were looking ragged, so I hacked it back to make way for the new growth. I think I’ll make a spot for them in the yard soon, to put them out of their pot-bound misery.

Yea, I put off planting the stolons last year. This is them today. a few are starting to flower in the pots and they will go in the ground soon I promice.

I got Strawberries from USDA today - General Fruit Growing - Growing Fruit