Growers of Olympic/Korean Giant - Worth adding if I already have an Asian pear(Tennousi)?

Title says it all. I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not I should add Olympic to my yard. I currently have the following pears:

Southern Bartlett

Am I missing out on anything other than giant size? Is it a completely different flavor profile as well?


KG is a high quality pear in many ways. For me I value it as a very late ripening pear spreading the season longer. Flavor profile I would say is only slightly different. Brown or yellow varieties are the only two flavors I have noticed. I like the yellow better.


Check the thread below esp. @Bhawkins’s post # 39 (who also lives in Dallas) said it was similar to but better than KG in a Dallas area. I would take his word as he lives in the same city you do.

Tennoshui pear.

Please note the first pic by @tonyOmahaz5 was not Tennosui.

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