Growing Apricot Tree in pot

Hi all,

Has anyone had any success in growing an apricot tree in a pot. By success I mean getting it to fruit well?

The pot is 23 inches in diameter.

(I’m also growing an apple and pear tree in pots as well. Growing okay, both 4 years old…but no fruit yet).



Is this feasible, or am I waiting my time? (In UK)

I haven’t personally done it with an apricot because they’re finicky jerks around here (middle Ohio, US). Even in ground apricots here are barely worth the shade they give in my opinion. That being said, my multigrafted potted pear tried to fruit this year. It was too young so I didn’t allow it to. So the theory is sound as far as I can tell.

I don’t know about which cultivars are available in the UK but that might be the best place to start. We have “patio-style” peach trees here that are designed to live in pots. Do you know what cultivars are available for you?

Wishing you luck and lots of future fruit!


No, it’s not exactly a patio style apricot tree. I can’t remember the name, but it was supposed to be 2m height at full size, do likely dwarf/semi-dwarf I guess.

(To clarify - The pear tree hasn’t flowered yet. The apple tree did flower but only made 2 fruit the size of a plum…so doesn’t count. Lol.)

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I have a Robada that I grafted a number of years back. It’s the only tree that hasn’t fruited yet since then. It’s side by side with a nectarine (grafted the same year) which has fruited (albeit lightly) for a couple years. Both in large cement pots.
Not conclusive, but that’s all I know about the topic.

Thanks Aaron.

(The only reason I haven’t planted in the ground, is as I plan to move in a 3/4 years. So want to keep a few trees to take with me.)

If I end up with any good fruit on any of the trees, will post an update on here in a year or two!


I’ve fruited apricots, sweet cherries, nectarines, and pluots in pots as small as 7 gallon but mostly 20-30 gal. Rootstock doesn’t matter too much the pot keeps them small.

The main issue is that after about 2-3 crops the tree loses vigor and gets root bound so needs up potting and major pruning to re invigorate the tree. Fruit size is always smaller than in ground. But fruit quality is good.


Yes. I have an apricot I grow in a pot. The pot is at least three feet tall and holds 6 medium bags of garden soil. I am in zone 9-a/b in France. it is not a dwarf or Patio tree. My weather is similar to parts of California. Where are you?


I have a young Flavor Delight aprium in a 15 gal container. Harvested 3 ripe fruit (like sacs of nectar) this year. My first home grown apricots.



That’s awesome. How old is your tree?

My aprium is 2nd leaf. Received spring 2021 as bareroot.