Growing Dwarf Namwa banana in a pot

I am curious is dwarf Namwa can be grown in a pot indoors. I live in Colorado so it is too cold to grow outside. Anything I should know if I can grow dwarf Namwa in a pot. I hear Namwa is better tasting than say Cavendish.

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This topic may be of interest: Musa "Namwa" Banana

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Bananas are easy to grow in pots and indoors, but it just depends on whether you want fruit. I set mine outside in the summer. I used to let them get bigger but tired of that, so now I keep them root bound in smaller pots to control size. In the fall, I set them in a big south facing window (as inside decoration) and mostly cut off watering to avoid rot…with the goal to just barely keep them alive until I set them outside the next summer.


How big of a pot should I get if I want fruit?

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It’s been a long time since I read about trying to fruit bananas so I can’t recall what pot size people were saying. I had mine growing in livestock feed tubs (which are cheap awesome pots!!!) to have the option to get fruit and the bananas got REALLY big growing during the winter in my living room. I’m not sure what size those pots might be. Maybe 20-25 gallons in pot sizes?

The following site is clunky but has some good discussions specific to bananas. Also, some discussion about where to obtain bananas that are actually true to type (as there is a lot of mislabeled junk being sold).