Hard frost incoming for Puget Sound

Here is part of the prediction now for my area.

Thanks for the reminders. I needed to turn on the pipe warmers in the well house.

@swincher, those voledeer might be scary but nothing compared to the cougereagles.

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I put my figs in the Garage and moved the rest of the containers up in the deck near the house.
There’s a roof over the deck— should be a few degrees warmer there.


I am not liking the trend in this forecast. Looks like maybe 72 hours of frost conditions now.

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Yes, darn it, the low (Anacortes) for Wed and Thurs just dropped to 18F. A repeat of last year.
Stitching up pieces of Reemay to make blankets for my cherries and peaches.
Lights on thermostat for potted lemons and limes.
I’m sure I’ll be waking up hourly to check!


Thanks for the heads up. I live on the east side of Vancouver, WA. Seems I am always 2-4 degrees colder than the forecast predicts for “Vancouver”. :frowning:
I use underground weather a lot since there are a couple of stations within a mile or two of my house. Very helpful!


My surgeon says I’m still not allowed to lift more than 10 lbs, and my wife can’t carry this 15 gal saturated pot alone, so I’m working on macgyvering a solution to keep my jubaea seedling alive this week.

I think one of these days I’m going to need to invest in a hand cart.

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The forecasts for low temperatures,are varied almost like the weather websites.Anywhere from 25 to 13F,around midweek.One has snow between 3 and 6 inches.
Below freezing could last a week.

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It’s going be cold! Loquats in full bloom might lose their fruit this season!
I have wrapped cold sensitive trees with fleece and strung Christmas lights on them. Hope it helps.

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Friday they were saying we would have a low of 22F next weekend. Today they are saying a low of 33F. That makes a big difference when some fruit trees are already leafed out.

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I think there may be a bit of a guessing game because snow levels will be high in the convergence zone but figuring out where it will be is always tough.

Mine currently shows lows in mid-20s for a few straight days:

Edit: sorry @garybeaumont I didn’t realize you are in Texas. Yeah, the models have been all over the place on that next arctic blast and how far south it will go

Heh. Well, from the Great White North, where it looks like this:

(Yes, my 50# dog is knee deep, and sometimes ear deep in snow. We walked, or rather slogged, in 9F weather today)

I can share that it’s pretty typical for orchards here to try to save blossoms by burning large round bales of straw or hay, especially in the lower portions of the orchard. (Cold air is a little heavier and tends to settle in hollows) It can save blossoms at about 28F, but isn’t going to do it at 23F. I don’t know of anybody who tries the ice technique here on apples, peaches, or cherries.

That said, we’ve had a couple of rough Springs on blossoms, and peaches were a rarity last year because of it.



Frisian Stabijhoun. (X2, but his sister was walking in my footsteps because the snow was too deep for her Highness.)

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Very rare. The picture caught my eye because it looks similar to my French Brittanies, but something wasn’t quite right, so I thought maybe a Springer. My research says they may have descended from French spaniels? Maybe that is why they look similar to me.
This is Millie:


If you beleive the weather channel, Portland is in for some snow. They gave 3-5 inches Thursday AND Friday. National Weather Service is being more conservative. The Weather Channel actually has access to really good data (They are owned by IBM).

I get the weather.com 10-day forecast on my phone. It seems to change by the hour!


The short term probably changes every hour when the latest HRRR model is run, with changes to the 7-day and 10-day every 6 hours when the NAM and GFS are updated. I assume it’s mostly algorithmic with human editors basically, but that’s really just a guess. It probably takes other models like the Euro into account somehow. Whatever method they use, it’s definitely prone to flip-floppery.

Thanks for this topic, which got me out to check the well head, well house, and outdoor faucets. The forecast is changing wildly every time I look. It has shown lows as low as 8F and as high as 22F for next friday.

This from NOAA:

"Event: Special Weather Statement
It appears increasingly likely the coldest temperatures of the winter will drop southwestward into southwest Washington and northwest Oregon beginning Wednesday night into Thursday and will
likely persist through at least the weekend. Widespread high temperatures in the 30s to low 40s and low temperatures in the 20s appear likely. There is a 30-40% chance that this could result in
the coldest high temperatures across the region since early February 2014 with high temperatures dropping into the 20s. In addition, strong east winds and cold wind chill values will
develop near the mouth of the Columbia River Gorge and likely persist into next weekend.

Finally, an approaching low pressure may spread precipitation into the region beginning late Wednesday into Thursday. There is a good chance that this precipitation will fall as a mixture of
rain, freezing rain and snow across portions of southwest Washington and northwest Oregon, but what type and how much will fall where remains highly uncertain at this point. Additional rounds of precipitation that could fall as a mixture of rain, freezing rain and snow across portions of the area will be possible into the weekend. However, it`s also quite possible the area will dry out while remaining cold. Please continue to monitor the forecast as details in the expected weather become more clear."

I checked buds of Nadia, Hollywood, and Flavor Supreme. They are pretty well along. If this kills them, I just have to accept that. I also noticed my Sweetheart cherry is falling over, another possible deer / vole / voledeer victim. Not a good start for fruit trees for 2021.

Lowest temps seem to have been revised upwards to 28F for Seattle area. But we might be getting 3 inches of snow!

Still showing 26°F for me, but it keeps fluctuating wildly with every new run of the models.

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