Harko Nectarine Injury or Disease?

Does anyone recognize this symptom as a disease?

It looks a little like hail injury from last year. Is that possible?

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We did have hail, so it is possible.

I worry because I’m a newbie. I got all freaked out about fireblight on a pear and it turned out it was thrip damage.

I was worried that injury on Harko was the start of canker, but again I’ve never seen canker on a tree yet (knock on canker free wood).

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The bottom one almost looks like cicada damage… have you had any recently?

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I had to look up what that looks like and I have not seen any insects that look like that.

Could I miss noticing them?

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Not likely that you’d miss cicada. They make a racket. I don’t remember them when I lived in CA. Amarillo had the annual cicada. They make a terrible buzzing sound all summer every summer. Just another reason I left Amarillo for CA.