Has anyone grown Pineapple Pear?

I’m thinking about buying a pineapple pear tree but would like to know if it tastes good and really has a taste of pineapple? Thanks.

Where are you considering purchasing it?

Don’t know about the flavor, I’m growing one, no fruit yet. The people at the nursery told me it’s one of those old fashioned varieties people used to have on their homesteads. Supposed to produce lots of fruit and be pretty hearty.

Ison’s nursery & vineyard

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Thanks. That’s good to know.

I used to have one at my parents old place. It produced a lot of big pears and it had a good flavor. I might try to plant one at my place now

I’ve grown it for a number of years and it’s become one of my favorites.
NO it does not taste like pineapple, and I have no idea how it got it’s name.
It’s cheaper at Cumberland Valley. IMHO it’s a must have pear, if you like pears.


I have it. It is okay. Not great, but then, I’ve only had two crops. Ray may be able to provide better feedback on flavor. I know there are folks who really love it. I will say, if is a very vigorous, healthy tree, and set very early. Low chill hours. It’s a hard pear, a little on the tart side. Ripens for me in August. I believe it is pretty susceptible to FB, so that may be a consideration where you live. For me, no strikes (yet). I believe it is self-fertile, but will set better with a cross-pollinator.

Patty S.

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My tree never has had FB, and the flavor is outstanding. It’s firm,
large, crunchy and hangs on the tree a long time.

Ray, I have a question since it sounds like your tree may be more mature than mine - how to you know when to pick your Pineapple pears? Do you just lift them up and if they break off, they’re ripe enough to pick? And do you put them in cold storage for a period of time after picking, before eating? I have heard they can be eaten (or used in cooking) right off the tree. Just wondering if I didn’t let them ripen properly after picking.

Patty S.

Thank you very much Patty. Great! I can make my decision easier now.

Thanks Ray. Sounds good. I might just try it.

Hi @winsorw, I have a Pineapple pear as well, but just planted it this spring, along with a Orient and Moonglow pear. So, obviously I can’t tell you how its production has been.

I got it and the Orient from the same place (plantmegreen out of Florida). Unfortunately I forgot which tree is which, but one of them has put on more growth than any of the 19 fruit trees I have planted. It was a 4ft tall bare root, about 11/16" thick with no branches when I planted it, and now it’s over 6ft tall with lots of branches.

The other tree was the same height, but smaller caliper when it was put in the ground, and its growth has been very minimal, just a few small branches.

Who knows, maybe that’s the Pineapple variety and not the Orient. Guess we’ll find out in about 5 years!

Thank you for the info. OK, I expect your full report in 5 years LOL:laughing:
Didn’t know there is a pear called Orient, will have to look into it.

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winsorw, where are you located?

I let mine ripen on the tree. Since they hang on the tree so long, it’s
tempting to pick them, before they’re truly ripe. It’s kind of like that
first sacrificial watermelon of the season. When you think it looks
fully ripe, pick one, and if it’s to you taste, try another. I never pick the
whole tree at one time, because they don’t all ripen at one time. I refrigerate
all of my fruit, no matter what it is, because I like cold fruit.
I never fully pick any tree, because no tree ripens all at once, and I think
tree ripened fruit tastes better.


Thanks, Ray. About what month would you say, your Pineapple pears start to ripen? Maybe August was too early for me.

Patty S.

Hi Bob, Near Seattle.

Orient is a large early ripening pear. Over a 35 year period I have not observed any disease issues with it. Orient is one of my favorites but it is not your typical grocery style pear.

All of my pears ripen in August, but I’m in zone 8, so it might be a little
later for you.

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