Havens 2B Plum

I’ve read some different publications that talk about using a variety of plum called Havens 2b as an interstock to graft almonds, that would otherwise be incompatible, to Marianna 2624. I’m really curious if that would also work to graft peach varieties that are otherwise incompatible with 2624.

Aside from publications talking about it’s use in that regard, I can’t find much information on the Havens 2b variety and where one might even start looking if they wanted to obtain it.

Anyone heard of Havens 2b, or by some miracle have it?

References I came across about Havens 2b as an interstem for almond to 2624:

I found another publication that indicates Haven 2b species as Prunus insititia L

Quite a lot of research has been collected in the reference channel. P

Rootstock Graft Compatibility - Reference - Growing Fruit

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That is a treasure trove! Thanks for the lead.