Hawkeyes and Yellow Delicious


There where so many positive comments about Hawkeyes in the thread Death of Red Delicious: Premium 'Club' Apples Are Taking Over . I thought I would ask about peoples experience with the original Yellow Delicious. Does anyone grow the original tree how is it different from all the sports?


Alan has mentioned several times having multiple old trees he manages and that the older strains of gd are much better fruit…apparently most or all grocery fruit is low-russet sports of the original and inferior in all ways non-cosmetic


Yellow Delicious properly tree-ripened is a good apple. I think folks here have talked up Hooples Antique Gold (a GD sport). I’m a fan of Smoothee grown here in IA, which is a sport that is supposed to be highly russet-resistant. I believe it often goes by Improved GD, because apparently the name is trademarked, but by who, I don’t know.


I have Mullins, the original Yellow D. It has not fruited yet.


Where did you acquire your Mullins Yellow Seedling? I have a Yellow Delicious from a tree that was said to be from the late 1800’s, which should fit closely with the original Golden Delicious’ birth. If it is or isn’t, only time will tell. I have a Golden Delicious that I purchased from Gurneys a few years back. Looking forward to comparing the 2.


My Mullins came from a old local orchard. They let me collect scion in exchange for working a day. They had an impressive collection of apples. It was especially impressive because they were planted before the internet. I have 3 or 4 sports of Golden D. Delicious is not the most exotic thing you can grow but, they tree ripened fruit is hard to beat.


Yellow Delicious is probably one of my most asked about varieties. It’s hard to tell people that they should try something they’ve never heard of versus a great apple they grew up with. My father always loved Yellow Delicious, so I tracked it down for him.