Heaviest fig record?

While I was checking @Olpea’s topic on almost breaking the record for the heaviest peach here: Another big peach

I looked up figs but I wasn’t really impressed.

295gr! But I was really expecting more especially if we count brebas. Aren’t brebas also figs? :slight_smile: A friend of mine in Tunisia sent me this a few days ago. It’s a decent San Pedro that grows in that region and it’s breba season. It was a big one indeed but he wasn’t really trying to break any record.

Should “LLOYD COLE” get worried? :smile:


The Ge Neri fig is supposed to produce some of the largest figs. One nursery claims they are the size of a tennis ball. I have a couple of rooted cuttings, so maybe next year I’ll be able to show some proof!


Nice, I wonder why no one bothered to break that record. 295gr does not sound extreme.

Those big figs are usually hardly worth eating. I’ll take a shriveled up 30g one at 45 brix any day.


I agree but actually San Pedro brebas can surprise you. You will change your mind if you try some of these. I’m not sure what it is maybe the early heat in the season but the taste is sweet and often very sweet. Nothing can beat the main crop for sure, but I can take these while real figs ripen.


I’m with fruitnut, If not exceptional I have other fruit that is. I myself love the small figs the best. Here with extreme cold i often get no breba as the plant was exposed to severe cold. So I won’t grow San Pedro types, as they require too much care.
I understand the attraction but not many care about size when it comes to figs as most large figs just are not that good.


That’s a nice looking fig. I’m sure you are right those San Predro breba can be nice. Esp in the right climate for them.


San Pedros are good in my climate. Especially since growing main crop requires a greenhouse (most of the time)

I have a Fort Mill Dark and it had 16 breba, but half dropped off. It’s a cool plant, a black or Bordeaux type fig. The figs are small, the breba look normal size, like main crop. The taste is amazing. Best black fig I ever tried. It beat Valle Nigra VdB, and Petite Negri. It was only one year, so we will see this year. Impressive though a fig that fruited for the first time beats the standards for the type! Also curious if figs will be larger. I had young trees produce small figs, Hardy Chicago seemed to get bigger each year. . Fort Mill Dark is also impressive as like normal, my figs got hit with cold. All breba aborted or didn’t form on all my breba producing figs except Izbat an Naj and Fort Mill Dark. These two the breba buds can take freezing weather! None of the others, again why San Pedros makes no sense for me. I’m hoping to avoid freezes in the future, still a work in progress. I need to thin the herd to make it more manageable.