Hello from Northern Utah!


My name is Carrie, I live in Zone 7a in northern Utah, I am excited that I found this forum as I have been researching fruit tree varieties.

My gardening interests:

*** Fruit trees** -
I have a mature Montmorency Cherry, and Bartlett Pear (I am battling a bad infestation of fire blight on this one).
My apple trees were all added to my collection within the last year; Jonathan, Newton Pippin, Macoun, Frostbite, Kerry Irish Pippin, Belle de Beskoop, Monark, Sweet Bough, Baldwin, Wickson, Harrison and Braeburn. Most were purchased as bare roots from Trees of Antiquity.
Peach - Rio Oso Gem newly planted (I am currently trying to decide on my other peach choices (I have room for two more)

I have a large cane berry patch with an assortment of red and black berries

I enjoy starting my tomatoes from seed in March when I am dreaming of warm earth and green plants.

We also keep two honeybee hives.

I enjoy baking, pressing, preserving and consuming the fruits of my labors.

I look forward to learning from the forum!



Hi Carrie…welcome! This is a great place to learn from other’s experience and share yours.

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Welcome aboard, Carrie. I can’t recall if we have any members from Utah. Glad you’ve found us.

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Welcome! There’s a lot of experience here with fireblight

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Welcome Carrie! This is a very fine group of very knowledgeable and helpful folks. You found the right place for what you intend to do. With the help of many of these members I at least have a clue now! Lol… Enjoy


Welcome. I hope you have your new apple trees caged or fenced to keep the animals out. That is the first item of importance in being able to consume the fruits of your labors.

Thank you for the welcome!
The area I am in is unusual. Because of so few trees we have no squirrels or chipmunks and very few raccoons etc. The people in our foothills have a deer problem, but I am so far in subdivisions that we don’t see them anymore either. I have lived in the east and the south where the four legged competition is great, so I do understand the battle. Our biggest fruit consuming competition is from birds.


Sounds like heaven to me :grinning:


Carrie, welcome aboard. After I saw your zone I clicked on your avatar to find that you live in Utah and have the same zone as I in RI. I was surprised. Your selections so far are excellent. Ask Olpea our peach Guru for selections for your zone and conditions. Mamma got also has great peach growing skills and superb varieties. Do you spray?

It is so funny, I used to live in Maryland that was 7b, but so different from where I am here! We are considered a high desert climate, but I guess since zones are based around temperatures it makes sense.

This year was my first attempt at spraying. I was fighting the fruitflies in my Montmorency cherries. I would like to learn how to be more effective with it.

Sounds like heaven to me :grinning:

Yes! We lived in upstate NY before moving here (my dad was in the military so we’ve been all over) and the pitched battles between my mom and the squirrels are things of family legend. The other heavenly bit- we don’t have roaches or fleas because of our altitude/moisture/temperature combo. We do end up having to invest heavily in lotions though.


Hello Carrie.

Hi from IL. You’ll see me around I’m sure. I love this group of people & so will you.


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I have a Montmorency too. My spray schedule is pretty elaborate. I will send you a private message. Thanks! They are the best sour cherry!!! Please tell me the insects you have in your area.

Thank you! That would be amazing.

We have the Western Fruit Fly, spider mites, and black cherry aphids.

Whoa! We do not have any of those. I will PM you my spray schedule and I hope it will help. I get buckets of cherries every spring/summer. Mrs. G

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Welcome Carrie, from NE Kentucky. We look forward to hearing about your fruit (and veggie) exploits. We started our fruit journey a couple years ago, and have started to enjoy some berries from some of our various patches. Hopefully next year some of our fruit trees will bear something for us for the first time.

The only Utah member of the forum I know of is @rsivulka, he’s south of you, I believe. @Phill_Boise_7a is probably not too far from you as well.



Welcome aboard Carrie! Great group of people here.


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Hi Carrie, we’re so glad you found us!


Hey, Carrie. Welcome from west central Georgia. If you are addicted to growing fruit, you have come to the right place. I have learned so much from the great and kind people here. I am sure you will too.



Welcome! This is a great place to learn and chat!