Help identifying diseases plum apricot pear

Hi! I noticed all sorts of problems on my fruit trees.

  1. Chojuro blossoms are drying and falling. Is that normal? Here is a picture:
  2. Apricot has sap or some liquide and darkening around a wound. Here is a picture:
  3. Apricot also has some whitening on some of it’s branches surface:
  4. Hybrid plum has damage bark:
  5. Other asian pear has different damage on bark:

Suggestions are welcome! Thanks!

Maybe pollination issue. I have the same issue with some of my Asian pears this year due to cool weather and lack of pollinators like bees…


Thank you Tony, I hope it’s something like that (not a disease…)…

Same Asian pear tree here, similar issue, but I still have plenty of fruitlets left and still need to thin. The the trunk color of last picture seems like fire blight to me.

I never had pollination issues on asian pear til this year with all the cold. Some set well and others dropped nearly all.

None of the damage in those pictures looks bad enough to worry about. The white stuff is a waxy coating common on some apricot shoots. The other things look like minor damage. The bark cracking like on the plum happens sometimes, it will heal over. In general if wounds are not oozing they are usually nothing to be concerned with.

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Thank you.

Thank you. Any clue on what’s in picture 2? (Apricot “liquid”) I’m worried it might be some type of canker.

It looks like the stub there is dying back to the collar on the tree. Its looking funny because it is in the process of decomposing. I don’t see any canker signs there at all.

Jessica, your tree looks fine to me fwtw. Those blossoms are dieing because they’re finished. Their job is complete. You have fruit! Some didn’t and they are dieing, and the stems turning yellow and are going to drop off…that is normal. If you gently lift those with no fruitlet forming (and yellowish stems), you will find they will easily separate. Be happy they all didn’t set fruit, it makes thinning all the more agonizing. That small tree cannot support more fruit than it has already set.They were either aborted or unfertilized…makes no difference. Your fine. Be happy. If it ends up aborting them all…who cares? You’re a lock for next year.

It most likely won’t though, you’ll get a pear or two this year.

I, for one, see no problem at all. Everything looks good to go. Spray them right now with whatever your going to use.

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Alright thank you!

So, as it turns out, it seems Black Ice doesn’t like my high humidity climate… I think this is Black Knot.


Yes that is black knot on your Black Ice tree, the stuff that looks like light brown and black
growing brains. I live in a high humidity area and have yet to get it on mine. You’ll have to
cut/scrape it all out to clean wood.

I know… but I think I won’t be able to do it, the trunk seems too small and the fungus, to big/spread… I’ll give it a try. Never done it before. When would be the best time to do it? I’m thinking winter/dry season… summer and fall are so humid that I’m afraid it will weaken the tree and that or something else will infect it furthermore.

I would scrape it with a knife and hit the wound with pruning seal. It’s better to do it now while the tree is still growing and can partly heal over.

Thank you for that suggestion.

I think its a real possibility you could lose that tree at least 50% chance in my opinion. So the faster you do it the better it grows fast as your aware. Once your all done you might consider painting all your trunks. Paint works well for me to avoid things like sunburn that can lead to other problems.

I think you got it right! I put a white spiral around that tree to protect it from the sun, but I think it imprisoned moisture instead and caused the fungal disease to appear. Won’t be using those (at least on that tree) anymore. I’ll try paint.

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You might need to use wire also if you have a lot of rabbits. I agree those tree wraps harbor things and I don’t care for them. You can get oversized 4" pipe when a tree is small as long as you can look down in there and see what’s going on. If the trunk is an inch or two that pipe works great

I have had much worse knots make it … just cut back to clean wood on all sides and then look again in a month and next spring. The only ones I lose are knots all around in one spot so I can’t cut it all out. My Emerald Beaut had a spot with only 1/8" of good wood; I cut all back but it made the stem too weak from all the fruit and it broke. The limb is still growing though, and I am letting it stay until the fruit are ripe.


Ok so here’s what I did: scrape as much as fungus as I could, then apply a mix of healing clay and water on the wound. Let it dry. Meteo says we’ll have dry weather for the next 2 weeks. Let’s see if it helps…

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