Help me decide on my next persimmon

HI Everyone!
I’m new to this hobby and community. I bought my first persimmon (Saijo) from JFE this summer and I’m hooked, so I want to get a few more this Fall. I’m in 7a (Montgomery County, MD) and plan on keeping them in 15-20 gal containers at least until next year (but possibly much longer). I’m trying to decide what persimmon to purchase next and I’m just going in circles the more I read. I’d like something with that I can keep reasonably small and with a higher chance of surviving/fruiting in a few years. Cold hardiness is a plus, but I may keep these in containers, so it’s not a must. Right now, I’m considering: IKKJ, Tam Kam, Tecumseh, Giombo, or Miss Kim. I know these are all pretty different, but I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Welcome to Growing Fruit!
Why not an american persimmon? They will be far different than the Saijo you have. And a more interesting taste/perfume.


Sung Hui is an excellent variety that’s naturally dwarfing. It’s been growing well in a container for me.


On the Backyard Fruit Growers page there was a recent post of a guy in 7A and he has pics of Fuyu… says they are very cold hardy and eats them thru january. Thinking of getting one myself. He said this is from one tree.