Help - Young peach tree: Sunscald or some other issue

I am in North Bay Area (San Jose) and I see bark coming off. I dont remember if this ‘issue’ was there in previous winter or not since I never paid attention till this winter. This issue wasn’t there in summer, for sure.

Is this Sunscald or fungal Gummosis or something else? There was amber ooze from few places (like the black region in 4th picture) but it is no longer there (it’s been raining for 2 weeks).

Also I did whole bunch of chip bud grafts 2.5 months ago. While doing that I did nick older branches a bit and there was clear ooze from that place. That ooze is also gone now. Did I destroy my tree for good because of whole bunch of chip bud grafts? :frowning:. I read that ‘hurt’ young trees can get fungal gummosis.

If it is Sunscald, can I paint the trunk now (when it’s not raining) or wait till spring?

Branch (3/4 inch thick)

Trunk (2 inch thick)

Trunk (2 inch thick)

Trunk (2 inch thick)

The splitting looks like normal peach bark growth to me. The black ties seem pretty tight and make me worried that it’s girdling the trunk. I would get rid of the stake.



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Thanks Richard and Solaris. That’s good to hear.

I have removed the stake.

Another issue I have is these cankers (I believe that’s what they are called). Their sizes vary from 1/4" to 1" (most are half inch). There are about 7 of these on the trunk which is 2" wide and 5 ft tall.

Few of them were oozing amber gum before week-long rain last week. Now they are not.

Is this Fungal gummosis?

Is this tree doomed?

Should I be doing something about this (copper spray?) or just ride it out and hope tree fixes whatever the issue is on its own?

(Above pic - base of trunk).

I would consider if they are residual peach twig borer scars

I’m not sure what to do now other than treat for the future. I have some gnarly peaches that keep going - 13 years so far. I use spinosad.

Watch out for greater peach borer at the base of the trunk too. Treatment is easy - permethrin soak on the 12” and below portion of the trunk once a month starting in summer (July - Sept for me).

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Thanks fruitkismet. Good to hear it is not a fungal. I will give your suggestions a go going forward.