Henry fields

Many people have ordered from Henry fields , Gurneys or others in the conglomerate. It is worth noting they are one in the same company gardens alive. They have made it official that gurneys and henry fields are now together Gurney's - America's Most Complete Seed and Nursery

Gardens Alive! - Wikipedia!

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Garden’s Alive conglomerate:

(From Dave’s Garden)


Thank you for the update info. I am trying to just buy from places that do not use neonicotinoids on anything they grow or seeds they sell. It is hard to find these companies.
Even “organic” does not mean they do not use these products. You have to end up emailing each company to find out.



Yes most companies do use them. What do you not like about them? Im assuming impact on insects is your concern.

Yes, I am trying to keep the pollinator’s from getting this chemical into their system. There are bee hives on neighbors properties on two sides of my property as well. Every little bit helps. There is one nursery about an hour away from me that grows their own plants without them using neonicotinoids. I buy my plants from them every year since I found out they grew their own plants like that. It would be nice to find other nurseries like that and seed companies that do not use the neonicos.