Here comes the 2018 apple & pear harvest!


It was very good. And it does exceedingly well on disease resistance. @Lucky_P sent me the scion wood a few years back and I believe he stated that it’s one of his most care-free apples.

I do. This came from a scion exchange and was jut labeled “golden russet.” After I learned more about the difference I ended up ordering Bullock from Cummings.


I think I grow what some people here called English Golden Russet while Bullock is called American Golden Russet.

Hopefully we could have apples from both varieties to compare side by side.

Thank you very much for your Bullock.


Today I’m picking small yellow pears. Once I’ve got these picked I will have finally got to the end of summer pear season.


Cannot wait for the fall pear season duchess d’ angoulme, harrow sweet, and Korean Giant.

Here are a few harrow sweet that survived the drought.

Korean Giant

Duchess D’ Angoulme


Wow!!! Now that is something!


You grow such clean, beautiful fruit!


Very cool!


Gala apple - first pick to see if they’re ripe yet

Only about a dozen on the tree this year, but the earwigs never got into the bags.


How is Duchess d’ Angoulme doing for you? They are far from ripe but I have an occasional one ripen due to damage etc. & they are very sweet this year. Duchess is a good pear but not the quality of the best pears.

Hope the gala fruit turns out good for you. They look nice!


They need a few more days - hope the squirrels don’t find them before then

In normal years, this tree gives me so much fruit I don’t have to worry


Duchess did not set fruit this year. The scionwood has grown a few feet this year.

Magness did. Unfortunately, one dropped and the other one was eaten by a squirrel. I will eat the one that I rescued and refrigerated.

I also have two Fondante des Moullline-Lille. I hope those nasty squirrels will miss them.


Now, as usual, I’m watching the Seckel pears with no idea how to determine ripeness


Seckel at my location still has a long way to go and I’m shocked how late they are this year. I’ve only got a few but like any pear when they are ripe they snap off in your hand when you tilt them slightly.


I prodded one and it did separate. The flesh was still hard and not really sweet. If it’s a couple weeks later than Gala, that gives me a timeline now. Gala always ripens around Sept 1 here.


The pears do that because that’s how they ripen. Most pears come off the tree hard and finish ripening over the next couple of weeks inside. Some people put them in the refrigerator or on the table but that is preference and type of pear.


What would you consider qualities of the best pear? What pears would you consider those to be?
I have a few pears planted. I have room for one more pear tree. I just cannot decide what variety to choose.


The best are ones like my small yellow unknown pear which does not keep, is a pain to pick correctly, to small for any commercial value but is also the best pear hands down I’ve ever eaten. They rot from the inside out so they can’t be left on the tree to long but they need left on there long enough to get a good flavor. They are variable and unpredictable. One of my family members put it best this year and said they are the pear flavor you will always want once you’ve had one and nearly never get again.
@MikeC you might consider something like harrow sweet that is good but much easier to grow if you want something easy.


Sounds like a great pear but timing is everything with it. Do you have a lot of that pear variety to pick?


I just have those already mentioned above and another half dozen or so in production. I have a lot that will be in production in a few years. Maybe half a dozen others that I’m not sure what they are so maybe 50 - 60 or so total.


I guess my question was mainly about being able to use them in enough time before they got over ripe.Like you mentioned they can get rotten from inside out. Do you can them or just sell them? That would be a lot pf pears to try and put up with canning. It does sounds like a great pear though.