Here comes the 2018 apple & pear harvest!


We do preserve them and earth them. My family waits for that pear and I never have enough of them.


The scions you sent me have done quite nicely (36" easily) and I’m looking forward to the experience!


I’m also looking forward to Clark’s little yellow pear experience! I had 100% success with my pear grafts this year but they didn’t grow too well in the beginnng. But all the rain this last month got them all going and the little yellow pear scion has about 3 ft of growth now! Very excited!


@marknmt and @Susu remember the first year or two the pears taste much more like a walnut husk than a pear. The pears will prematurely drop unripe so they never obtain the good flavor. It’s likely that second year if I had more time I might have top worked the tree out of ignorance so I’m thankful I didn’t do that. Hopefully someone will get fruit soon from the grafts from my pears or seedling apples.


@clarkinks @Auburn, @mrsg47, @murky, etc - I really appreciate you guys saying that about my apples. Its the first time I’ve gotten what could be called a crop. To be honest, all I did was treat them exactly like my peaches, except I only sprayed them EVERY OTHER TIME that I sprayed peaches. That worked out to be about every 20 days, a combo of captan, myclobutanil, low dose copper, and of course imidan for bugs. Now, I’ve read various comments saying one or more of these aren’t needed or aren’t good for the various things I’ve been fighting against with peaches and apples, or how some can even harm leaves, etc. All I know is this combination works great for me and I had no bugs, no brown rot, no spots on apples, and no harm to my trees. I don’t have half the knowledge that many people here do, but through trial and error I’ve found what works for me and my location and I’m pretty happy with the results.


Sounds like a great pear. I am glad you can enjoy them all.
My aunt had a fruit tree that the apples ripened all at once and were not a very good keeper. She was so busy trying to use them before they got too soft and rotten. Even in the cellar they did not keep well. They tasted great just was a very, very short use time frame.


If you find a spray schedule and spray combination that works I say “stick with it”. What works where you are at may be different than somewhere else down the road.
Great looking apples. Those Rome Beauty apples really are just that, beautiful. Just seeing the picture of yours make me want a tree full of them.


If it works, it works!! There are so many factors involved and in the end we all need to do trial and error.


EXACTLY right!!! I agree with you on this. If it works stick with whatever concoction you have come up with.


So I ended up with about 25 hosui pears. They are very good. If other types are better than this, I can’t wait to try them. The three on the bottom left are unknown variety, suppose to by New Century, but clearly not. Also the end of the blackberries and start of fall raspberries.

I also had my first harvest of Bartlett pears. Ended up with 8 of them. Picked and put in fridge for one day. Now ripening in my bedroom at 70 degrees.


Everyone talks about Asian pear cultivars but my most promising Asian pears are ya Li and Korean Giant. Ya Li has a very distinctive growth pattern very different from all other Asian pears I’m familiar with. May others such as Charles Harris have little information available. Dave Wilson describes a few Asian pears here I am continuing my work on Asian pears and the next several years may yield good results.


Clark you may like my Ya Li. One of my favorite.



Your trees are beautiful! I suspect I will like Ya Li because we have similar taste in fruit! Thanks!


Picked my Ayers pears today .


Duchess D’ Angoulme are ripening now! Crop keeps coming in and as you can see we are still working through improved kieffer. Duchess are the ones on the floor. I’ve picked 2 five gallon buckets from one tree and working on a 3rd and this is a bad year!


Clark is there an online guide or book that tells how to treat varieties of pears after picking to get them to their peak ripeness?



There is not a guide that I’m aware of. The tricks I use are straight forward which is improved kieffer, duchess, Douglas, kieffer etc are all the same class of pears so just let that type ripen on the table. I consider them in the same class as southern pears sprightly and sweet/sour but lacking spicey flavor character that is typical of good European type pears eg. Bosc, comice, Seckel etc… Asian pears should be picked 2 weeks early for storage which is true of most storage pears. Asian pears that you want to eat fresh should be allowed to ripen on the tree. Fine pears such as comice and Bosc I think benefit from cold storage at around 30 degrees. They are dense and heavier and the cold brings out their true flavor. Clapps favorite and my small yellow pear must be picked just right because they ripen quickly from being green and immediately start to rot from the inside out so be very careful with those but they are delicious!!! Finally Bartlett and it’s many sports should be picked 2 weeks early for storage or allowed to ripen completely on the tree for best flavor.


Thank you!



I had two Magness, one dropped (by a squirrel?), one eaten by a squirrel. I put the dropped one in a fridge for a week. By the time I remember, it had brown spots on the outside. The inside rotted. This was the second year of having Magness set fruit but nothing to taste !!!


The pile of duchess just keeps growing with some of them weighing over half a pound each on a drought year! Only 8 inches of rainfall!