Here comes the 2021 Apple and pear harvest!

His spring arrives earlier than mine too. His winter seems warmer than mine. Don’t know how he manages to make this happen😜

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I already picked Shin Li. It ripens about the same time as Korean Giant here. It has been very nice this year. I found some really big ones in Philadelphia. They can be nearly 2 pounds each and have an oblong shape.


It could rival a pomelo :joy:

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Is shin li supposed to have oblong shape?

Shin Li has both round and oblong shaped fruit but mine were mostly round this year. They taste just like the ones on sale in that picture. Well…mine was obvious better quality, but what parent speaks poorly about his kid?

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Shin Li. Mine look quite a bit different.


Dixie Delight pear. These are very sweet and delish. Kinda small. Supposedly very fireblight resistant. My tree is only 3 yr old so not enough time to eval FB. That and I sprayed strep. Some deformities due to curc or stinkbug but not enough where I had to cut out any bad parts.


Here are the Shin Li from my own tree. They can be anywhere from round to oblong. The ones I saw for sale are labeled as Shin Li, and the taste and texture matched. I guess there can be some variability. Those came from California so anything is possible :upside_down_face:


I still have mine on the tree. Tried a sample and they are not tasting to good this year, so hoping more time will fix it.

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They really do ripen late — about the same as Korean Giant as far as I can tell.

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When does KG ripen for you? I have several KG’s, but none have fruited yet.

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I’ve been picking mine for a week now. They are perfect right now.

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Hi all,

This what the orchard gave up today

This is the FIRST, and so far the only Magness Pear that grew.

Plus about 200 lbs. of Melrose, Ashmead Kernel, Cox Orange Pippin apples…

And… a back ache…



Nice, clean fruit, Mike.

My Calville Blanc that fell last week were not ripe. They did not a lot of sun like yours.

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@PharmerDrewee , did you try your Jilin lately? I pick one off the tree today. It is very good. Crunchy, juicy, and very sweet. I think it is as sweet as dripping honey, if it is not more sweeter than dripping honey. Jilin probably is a Chinese sand pear. It seems ripe with Korean giant, a very late pear. It is a keeper for me.


These varied in size. They are good off the tree. I got a large crop of these too so I wonder how their flavor profile changes over time


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I picked some later ones that were better flavored and textured. It’s still a very odd pear for my tastes. I had one today that reminded me of a guava. I thought it seems more like a Chinese white pear. Aren’t sand pears the brown russeted ones? Did you notice the texture of the skin being rather tough?

You are right. It does have some kinda aroma that is a little strange. I can’t decide if I like the aroma or not. But for the flavor and texture is not bad. I noticed that it’s skin is a little hard when I was peeling the skin off. But it doesn’t affect the crunchy texture. I thought Chinese sand pear has European pear shape, not round like Asian pears

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Goldrush. Not quite ripe - but we found we like them this way. Like a super delicious Granny Smith. Had a bit of sooty blotch on some - but nothing a kitchen ‘scrubby’ and a little Dawn won’t send packin’! Love these apples. I pick a couple every few days.


Those are beautiful apples. GoldRush is our family favorite. They are not quite ready to pick here - probably a week off. I have had problems with the fruit being small on my dwarf espaliered trees so I finally grafted an EMLA111. This is the first year for that tree to have fruit and they have sized much better.