Here comes the 2021 Apple and pear harvest!

Blackstone has been buying a lot of property up here in the last year. I do not know what they are up to.

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@AndySmith @MikeC

It would appear they are hanging onto wealth against a declining dollar. Land and all assets gain value whereas cash is not going as far as it did. Somehow they knew in advance based on their actions what would occur. Inflation has been devaluing old money. If you have $1 million in the bank and you held it you can now buy $500,000 or less in assets. A subway sandwich i bought in early spring cost me $5.50 and now costs $14.

$1,000,000/$5.50 =181,818 sandwiches
$1,000,000/$14 =71,428 sandwiches
181,818-71,428=110,390 sandwiches lost since spring

Someone withdrew 3/4 of the sandwich money from the bank.

Everyone says Gasoline, Lumber , housing all costs more but thats not true it’s cash buys less because there is more of it.

Please refrain from political statements I’m merely responding to the actions of the company your talking about and why they and other billionaires took the actions they did.

So what they did rather than lose 50% as most of us did they gained 8% so far as shown here

We are seeing the tip of a very large iceberg

Let’s go back to our topic on apples and pears because the wealth is definately in our lands not in our banks. We are fortunate to grow fruit it was the right choice to buy our land.



This one of the trees I didn’t thin at all this year. It looked like it had a very very few polinized, then just snuck up on me.

This is 1/3 of what is on a smallish espalier. I wacked the top off to change it over to Golden Harvey.



Beautiful apples.


@tonyOmahaz5 Do you remember if those Tennosui were crunchy or soft? How was the flavor?

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Sorry for the late response. Tennosui if pick a little early then it is juicy, crunchy with decent sweetness. But if leave them hung on the tree too long then it will rot from the inside out.


@clarkinks @tonyOmahaz5 @PharmerDrewee What asian pear stores the best for you guys? I mean for long term storage.

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For me was the Korean Giant aka Olympic Asian :pear:.



For me Drippin Honey


Yellow one - Shizuka, pale red - Hokuto (was growing almost entirely in shade) and red one - Sayaka.


Those are great looking apples. Nice job growing them.

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Were they bagged? They are pristine. If not, whose spray list do you follow?

I didn’t bag them nor spray them this year.some fruit were with worms though.

Wow beautiful

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Thank you. I am surprised myself from the quality of the fruit.

Nice to see the Suij pears. I have a 2 year old graft. Please give us a report when you taste it later.


Think you meant Blackrock. This is backfiring on companies like zillow.

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Clark, You asked for a photo of Josephine de Mailnes a long time ago but I just niticed the post today, sorry. Here it is:

I have not tasted it yet this year. Will wait until the other pears are finished. Standouts this year in late Nov and early Dec.are Dana Hovey picked Oct 10, Urbaneste picked Oct 3 and Bosc picked several times in Sept.
Disappointments - Comice and Taylor Gold did not save as well as last year. I think the temperature was a little warmer in the refrigerator storage drawer this year.
Paragon and Shenandoah did not save well. I need to eat them much sooner or maybe pick when less mature.
Waiting to taste: El Dorado picked 10/22 and Packham’s Triumph.picked 10/14


Yes, that is the company. Thank you for the clarification. I agree, big time backfiring.

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Those were my two best pears this year… both excellent! They are all gone now.

I had Josephine des Malines but the crows got them all. I’m going to have to protect the pears as well as I did the plums, the crows like them almost as much.