Hocking Hills Orchard - some of the new varieties grafted in 2019


One of the things I like about late fall into winter is planning for the next spring’s grafting. This past spring was a great one for me with some really good varieties in trade. Some of the new ones grafted this year are below and the fruit pictures are gathered from the internet.

Birkenfelder Rotäpfelchen - Germany. Heirloom variety with apples that are dark red to almost black with a tart flavor. I like to harvest a bunch of different “black” apple varieties to compare the color.

Gelbe Schleswiger Renette - Germany. I could not find out a thing about this variety but that it is a nice looking large yellow apple. And a cool sounding name.

Grauer Hordapfel - Germany. Name translates as Grey Horde, reputed to be a very sour cider apple, Never saw the word “horde” in an apple name before so this one had to be grown.

Derek Mills

Hocking Hills Orchard at Four Seasons Cabins in SE Ohio.Birkenfelder%20Rot%C3%A4pfelchen



I was curious, so I looked up the Gelbe Schleswiger Renette. It seems to be available from nurseries in Germany. My German is very rusty (and was never that good in the first place…), but from this site


it looks like the GSR is said to be a mid-sized, round, attractive apple with bright yellow skin and firm flesh with a good, subacid sweet-tart balance. Good for both fresh eating and baking. Picked in October and will keep until February. Originated near Schleswig, as the name suggests. There’s some more info but I can’t translate it off the top of my head and can’t get the page to translate (not sure why).

Great stuff as always, Derek!


Great information Derek.


Thanks for the info! Will update my database and spreadsheet with that description.