Hollow Log

Anyone growing a Hollow Log apple? I have a 3 year old m7 tree and am looking for first hand experiences with this variety…

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That’s a really rare one. Following.

I have a Hollow Log apple tree as well. I had only one apple off of it last year. it was really small so I could not really get a good taste per say. It is only in the second leafing so hopefully I will get a few more next year. It is still pretty small on a M111 rootstock.

Rick did this tree ever fruit for you? Interested in this variety.

No not yet. :frowning: Really hoping to taste some, maybe next year. :slight_smile:

Anyone Fruit the hollow log apple yet?

I had 4 or 5 apples two years ago. Last year was a horrible year for apples here. Late frost/freeze exactly as all the trees were blooming.
The ones I got were really good. Smaller than I thought they would be. They were very good. I think they will be better in the next few years. That was the first time I got any apples from it. Hopefully I will get more or these apples next year.

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Here’s a couple pictures David (Century Farm) sent me. He says it’s a very good variety, acidic sweet. I originally reached out to order rootstock, ended up with one of these, 2 rexrode beauty, ruby limbertwig, rawley, Virginia sweet, and a Jonalicious. Yup I have a serious problem. This site may need to offer free addiction counseling soon.


Rick any fruitlets this year?

Yes, but still small and green.


I did find one small bug bitten apple that had changed colors and took a bit out of the good side. :grin: It had a surprising good sweet/tart flavor.


Wow look at that white flesh. Looks like a good variety. Has a good crunch to it?

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I also have Hollow Log on MM111. Glad to hear you liked the taste.

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Yes, a nice crisp apple. It was just a tiny sample but I’m excited. :grin:


@Rosdonald How is the hollow log tree doing for you in VA? Any disease issues?

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Too young to bear fruit, but no issues. The tree is quite healthy with five nice scaffolds.

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thanks, i forgot i already asked you about this! haha