Honey Jar and Sugar Cane Jujubes just became available!


It just amazes me…those trees were such big heavy “clubs” that looked soooo not alive and they just open up and develop these delicate little leaves that I guess really aren’t so delicate. :smiley:


When did you put this one in? I thought you got it a week or two ahead of mine. Mine push buds about two weeks ago.


I planted them on 3/23 & 3/24. The 2nd one is actually slightly ahead of the first (pictured above), as the 1st is at the bottom of a hill, which probably collects cold air. Both get lots of sun, from 8am until sunset, possibly with a brief interruption for one of them.


Poor choice of words on my part…I said you were a “local” expert meaning the expert “around here” with the “here” being this web site. Boy that was about as clear as mud! I was just trying to tell the OP that here on this web site you were one of most knowledgeable jujube folks. That being said, I think you are once again being too modest. Trust me, if you moved right next door to me after I’d had jujubes for 2 years, you would still be the (geographic) “local expert” the day you moved in. ha

Hey…I noticed over on the new Mango thread that you seem to have a good deal of knowledge about them too. I know you are in zone 9 and I’ve probably just missed you saying so , but do you grow mangoes there in Vegas?


well, claiming expertise is often the downfall of people who project themselves as experts, so it is something will never ever claim. Actually mentioned in the book that everything wrote there were mere observations and analyses and should only be perceived as such, and not as gospel truth. I’m also the weird type who is happier proven wrong, than proven right(since i won’t learn anything new if i prove myself right)and will gladly engage in respectful discourse.

now, while i can’t claim expertise with jujus, i hereby claim and declare extreme obsession :grin:

at any rate, below is sugar cane in bloom and some fruitlets forming. To me, SC blossoms smell of pina colada. The fragrance gets concentrated when trees are grown in an enclosed courtyard, and further enhanced by humidity, so whenever need to unwind, just turn on the gargoyle irrigation, play some chopin/beethoven/schubert, then rock myself on the glider chair and absorb the sights, scents and sounds… Juju trees may bloom continuously for a month, and at least twice a year here.

Provides the longest periods of fragrance(by any fruit tree) in vegas conditions.


wish i could grow mangoes here(too cold in winter)! I probably could with some shelter and heating, but it is too much work…
i did grow mangoes and many other tropicals when i lived in the tropics more than a decade ago.


I forgot you used to live in Philippines. Those jujube blooms are mind blowing. Do you have to thin a lot of fruit or does the plant take care of that in some way?

BTW, I’m always amazed at how beautiful and how green your garden area is. In case you haven’t heard, Las Vegas is in the desert! ha.


am a very lazy fruit-farmer, so i don’t thin, hahaThe mojave gusts in spring do that for me somehow. Moreover, many jujus bear plenty of fruit-duds since trees bear innumerable flowers, often yellowing out at about the size of a bb gun pellet and then falling off. Sugar cane and honey jar seem to produce the least number of fruit-duds, btw, so thinning might be something to consider if you want bigger fruits.
btw, i don’t remember posting having lived in philippines, but you are right :slight_smile:


Well now those blooms are absolutely fantastic! And I was kinda proud of mine… lol. :joy:And I know you’ll say but my trees are young and I know that but those trees of yours are beautiful! My Li has put it a lot of growth but there is little density to it. The Chico is sparse too. Blooming like crazy and setting fruit but very thin in its amount of leaves. Do you feed your trees?



Kevin has been stalking you…The private investigator he hired turned that up.

Actually, you did mention it almost two years ago. I’m pretty impressed that he remembered it.


For the record, I didn’t remember- I just know how to work a search function :smile:


and yes, i will say that they really are still young :slight_smile:

it is usually the older laterals which send out denser growth of flowering stems,and each of these stems tend to have compound inflorescences, compared to laterals borne on the same year, or the year before… This will be most noticeable with your contorted, where older lateral growth will have matted, weepy flowering stems(like an old english sheepdogs fur), but the laterals of recent upright growth will only have sparse/widely spaced flowering stems. Will post some pictures tomorrow.

we don’t use fertilizers on our trees. Only kitchen refuse/weed clippings as mulch, if that could be considered ‘feeding’ :grin:


i guess i did mention it and forgot. Quite impressed how people remember from two years ago!


I work for the government, you know. Big Brother knows EVERYTHING. I bet you and @jujubemulberry didn’t know small town city hall’s have direct access to all NSA databases. and do our own data-mining. :slight_smile:


the search function is easy to use with hindsight(the country was already mentioned by him, so searching the word philippines with my username will show up quickly), but without the country-- will take a while to sift through my posts.

thus said, he really must be in cahoots with ed snowden :wink:


Not nearly as rocketing out of the gate as Katy, but not to bad. Kevin, how is yours up the road in comparison?


Beautiful photo.


Hey, it’s got a lot of upright growth. I think it looks great!! And that picture is fantastic!! :+1:


Awwww!! Thank you!! I like our little “Koolaid” club!!:+1:


So do I. :blush:


I don’t have your awesome artistic photo quality with the sunshine and so on, but our trees seem to be pretty close to the same stage (yours is a little ahead I think)- albeit far behind fellow grower @k8tpayaso . Since I haven’t shown mine in a while, here the are:

Here is my Honey Jar

And here is my sugar cane. Even though it was much smaller diameter, my SC is actually putting out more growth than HJ. But I’m pretty happy with both at this point.